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Charger trailing Broncos by 6 half way through the third, watching game updates via an app is a terrible want to watch football.
I actually got to watch a few games last monday while just lazing around at my Nanna's house. Got to see the Patriots pull out a nice win against the Chargers and then the Seahawks ran out a near identical score against the Eagles.

That second game was a little confusing since the team logos were both bird heads and it took me a little while to figure out which was which.

I'm hoping to see the Patriots do well in the playoffs. When do they start?
Spoon wrote:
I'm hoping to see the Patriots do well in the playoffs. When do they start?

2 weeks of the regular season left. Playoffs start on the weekend of Jan. 3rd.

Wild Card round: Jan. 3rd-4th
Divisional Round: Jan. 10th-11th
Conference Championships: Jan. 18th
Superbowl: Feb 1st.
Cardinals show why it doesn't matter what your record is if you don't have a franchise quarterback. The 7-8-1 Panthers have Cam Newton who has proven he can win games. That might be the last time you see Ryan Lindley in the NFL. It was a nice season for Arizona until Carson Palmer's knee blew up. They will probably be in contention again next year as this team is very good when they have a QB.

Carolina's defense set an NFL record for fewest yards allowed in a postseason game. The Panthers held Arizona to 77 yards, intercepted Ryan Lindley twice and sacked him four times.

Steelers and Ravens up now. The Ravens have played in Pittsburgh all 3 times they have faced each other in the playoffs and have lost all 3 times. Can they finally get the monkey off their back?

Well, you can't commit turnovers if you want to win a playoff game. Baltimore swooped down over Pittsburgh and came up with huge defensive stops again and again to finally defeat Pittsburgh on the road in the playoffs. Pittsburgh was extremely hot entering the postseason but miscues of fundamentals will dash your championship aspirations in a heartbeat.

With that the AFC picture is now almost set but the NFC will be determined by the Detroit/Dallas game for seeding for the divisional round.
Patriots come from behind to beat the Ravens, will host the AFC Championship game after a 35-31 victory. More stats later. Currently the Panthers are playing at the Seahawks.
oh saw the 4th quarter of the Pats game, both teams played outstanding.

Didnt realise there was another late game, have to watch that now :)
Flacco gave it away in the 4th with that interception. Took the gamble and he lost the game for it.

Still, Raven's played well above what I was expecting (as a Ravens fan).

Wonder who will win between Indiana and Denver. Personally I am hoping Denver don't make it. After Manning's woeful performance last year in the Superbowl I don't want to see the Bronco's make it. Worst Superbowl ever: 2014. Lowest points ever scored by a team in a Superbowl, 2014 Denver Broncos.

Who are you all rooting for?
Green Bay v Patriots

GB by 3
I think Indianapolis can get the job done against the Broncos. Andrew Luck needs to not make mistakes and get behind because Peyton's greatest strength over time is his ability to manage the clock and limit your total possessions. I think the Patriots will beat either team.

NFC analysis after the Seattle/Carolina game.
After seeing the seahawks today, if GB win tomorrow, next week's NFC play off is going to be unreal. Shame seahawks will have the home ground advantage
Well, the Cowboys have beaten the Seahawks at home this year and the Packers are a very different team from the one at the beginning of the year. Either team who wins tomorrow has a real shot at winning in Seattle. The top 6 teams have been New England, Denver, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Dallas, and Seattle.
Yeah your correct Beefy, GB has certainly developed as a team thus season, hopefully they still have fuel in the tank. Week off would of done them wonders, just need to wait and see if Rogers calf holds up okay, and Offence line can protect him.

Did you see the stats seahawks with Unger and without him for this season, massive player to lose if injured
I'm up and around, hopping on mumble if anyone else is up to watch the Dallas GB game? I'm prolly gonna crash after and not gonna watch the Indy v Denver game.
Watching on TV, might just talk to you via FB
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