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SilverClaw wrote:
jarryd hayne is going to get a rude awakening

He'll be playing special teams, probably as a punt returner so mightn't be as rude as thinking he'll be a walk up RB or something.

But yeah, he is going to be a small fuckin fish.
Reggie Bush, running back for the Detroit Lions, and Hayne met during the American's promotional trip to Australia in June and he watched the NSW fullback help clinch the State of Origin series for the Blues.

During the visit, Bush claimed Hayne could make the jump to the NFL.

''He actually looks like an NFL running back,'' Bush said.

''Looks like he could come play with us tomorrow.

''He's fast, strong and … wow. Look at that hit. That's an NFL football hit. I like this guy.''

The names of the other five clubs reportedly interested in Hayne remain unconfirmed.
Most surprising games for Week 7

Seattle losing at the Rams

Jaguars have 3 interceptions, still win in a blowout for their first win of the season over the Cleveland!
Garbage 4th quarter from the Bolts and we go down 20-23 against KC.


Lol at the Seahawks, had a strong last quarter but good on the Rams for holding their nerve in the last 10.
Post coming later but please enjoy this, I certainly did.

wow, mentally handicapped or just too many drugs?

My New England Patriots just scored an 84 yard run back touchdown! Fantastic return, fantastic run.
wow, doc, that's some mad running, excellent TD. Missed the Manning-Brady Bowl today, will have to try and watch the highlights tonight.

Saw the Cardinals v Cowboys, Cardinals were good, however I am surprised they are a 7-1 team, not sure if its just luck of the draw. They didn't seem to make the big play when in the clutch. As for cowboys, Weeden threw 18/33 1TD, 2 INT 183 Yards . Shameful , could the end to Cowboys season if Romo doesn't come back.

Cardinals FG block was a good highlight
Watching Collage LSU (16th) vs Alabama (5th). Amazing to see how packed the LSU stadium is, it holds just over 100 thousand ppl, and it looks sold out. Funny how Sydney nrl games are flat out selling out 40,000 ppl.
Lol at Jets beating Steelers, how can the Steelers be so hot and cold
Well, it's because they aren't good. The Lions are good cause they keep winning despite it being close, they are in position for 1st or 5th overall seed in the NFC. Good teams find ways to win. Isn't it amazing how the NFC West has worked out so far?

Updating the standings table later in the week...
Yeah I wasn't saying Pittsburgh was great or anything, but having Roethlisberger throw two 6 TD games in a row, and then play so badly against a bad team, just doesn't seem right. Pretty much they fluked the last 2 wins.

Yeah, Arizona 8-1 amazing start, shame on Palmer but just have to wait and see how they go next week against a good Lions team.

I saw the second half of the NO SF game, good close game. Would of Liked NO to win, but maybe NO offense needs to pick up its game.

Packers game was great. Rodgers, 6TD in first half, madness. Matthews was unreal, running around everywhere and making needed tackles. Great player. Jordy omg, you think the opp. defense would cover him up, but no, wide open all night. Lacy, just gets better each game. He is going to be unstoppable soon. Cobb, I hope packers can keep him next season, contract year and all. The whole team really lol
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