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Woke up today and saw the Packers were losing 21-6 against the Jets at home and thought I had entered bizarro land. Good thing they came back. Couple of other surprising takeways

Buffalo exploded and is now 2-0.
New Orleans after winning the division last year is 0-2 (after a surprising loss to the Browns)

more later
they won.…..26-6

Another scandal broke out regarding a star player, Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, for possible child abuse, he was suspended immediately and his team lost soundly today 30-7 … ond-sunday
indeed...she is still with him, they later got married, the FBI is investigating how much the NFL knew and if/when they did.
Saw the Chicago game today, was excellent it was 0-17 with about 7secs left they made it 7-17 and finished in front 28-20 against the home team 49ers
Will have on try and catch up on the packers game tomorrow
The Teddy Bridgewater-less vikings are so unimpressive. Teddy Bridgewater is gonna be a GREAT NFL QB! (as long as he doesn't go the Sam Bradford route.)
I fuicken started Asiata this week as well FML, what the fuck happened in 3 days? GB defense learnt how to defend the rush game? i will have to stream this game later

why is Bridgewater inactive?
Quarter Pole Surprises and Standings.
    AFC NORTH :viking: #1Cincinnati (3-0) #2Baltimore (3-1) #2Pittsburgh (2-2) #4Cleveland (1-2)

    AFC EAST :gentleface: #1Buffalo (2-2) #1Miami (2-2) #1New England (2-2) #4NY Jets (1-3)

    AFC SOUTH :rambo: #1Houston (3-1) #2Indianapolis (2-2) #3Tennessee (1-3) #4 :pale: Jacksonville (0-4)

    AFC WEST :sun: #1San Diego (3-1) #2Denver (2-1) #3Kansas City (2-2) #4 :pale: Oakland (0-4)

:pale: = No chance to make the playoffs
AFC North Team Identities … -afc-north
AFC East Team Identities … s-afc-east
AFC South Team Identities … -afc-south
AFC West Team Identities … s-afc-west
    NFC NORTH :viking: #1Detroit (3-1) #2Green Bay (3-2) #3Chicago (2-2) #4Minnesota (2-3)

    NFC EAST :gentleface: #1Philadelphia (3-1) #1Dallas (3-1) #3NY Giants (2-2) #4Washington (1-3)

    NFC SOUTH :rambo: #1Carolina (2-2) #1Atlanta (2-2) #3New Orleans (1-3) #3Tampa Bay (1-3)

    NFC WEST :sun: #1Arizona (3-0) #2Seattle (2-1) #3San Francisco (2-2) #4St. Louis (1-2)

NFC North Team Identities … -nfc-north
NFC East Team Identities … s-nfc-east
NFC South Team Identities … -nfc-south
NFC West Team Identities … s-nfc-west

Top 10 Surprises after September … the-Season

How fucken good was the Packers v Dolphins Game. I didn't use facebook or check my fantasy team until I saw the game first. That last set from GB was unreal, massive 1st down on the 4th after the sack. And that TD throw, i jumped in the air and shouted, pretty sure my neighbors must of thought i won the lotto or something.

Miami played great but, good defense and tbh GB was lucky to come away with the W.

I just found out you can get condensed games, cuts out everything except the game. Takes about 30-45mins good if you really just want to check out the game, I like the full games but, more excitement and anticipation.
Chargers vs. Oakland, huge game. Finally didn't choke at the last, held the line and scored with 2 minutes to play and won 31-28.

Based Philip Rivers be praised, huge 5 weeks.
Wow, Seahawks trade Percy Harvin to the Jets, why on earth, he has had massive season so far. Yes he was injured most of last season, but he is a great option this season.
Maybe they don't want his salary on their cap and the Jets get another option for Geno. More analysis later.
Yea Beefy, must be Salary related for sure. So many big names all preforming at there best.

Yea Silver I can't see old Jared making it too far. Probably too old now to compete with the youth and try and make a name for him self. Really unsure what position he would even play.
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