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P.T. is a mysterious little something that popped up on the US PSN Store for free during GamesCon. It barely said anything, except:

*Avoid playing if you have a heart condition

I encourage everyone with a PS4 to download this and give it a whirl. Wait until it's dark and then turn the lights off an sound up on your headphones or surround sound speakers, and enjoy the ride.

It's a horror game. You'll probably poop your pants.

WARNING: Spoilers below this line. Do not look at these if you wish to play the game in the future.

Actually think about it, it's worth waiting and it not being spoiled.

P.T. stands for "Playable Teaser".

It takes 45min to 7 hours to complete.

You might not even complete it on your play through.

Each play through is different.

It's in multiple languages and has intentionally hard puzzles to encourage people to work together.

P.T. is an interactive teaser for a new Silent Hill game called Silent Hills.

Silent Hills is being made by the genius Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame and Guillermo Del Toro.

There might actually be a limited edition of the game that comes with a pair of pants.

Even though the game's graphics is phenomenal, they lowered the quality to make it look like an indie release.

This is genius marketing, the hype is fucking huge.

This is a reminder that people might be shit with spoiler tags in posts below, read on at your own risk!

So, anyone played it? Thoughts?
deadmentyping wrote:
I am 110% won't play it :roll: but I will watch someone play it in youtube or twitch :mrgreen:

Also if anyone interested on the game footage :

A reminder to all to not read spoilers if you want to play it, and you really should :)

Haha I know how you feel, I'm not a big fan of scary games but I thought I would put myself through this because it was supposed to be exceptional, and it blew my already high expectations out of the water.

The atmosphere is just phenomenal and despite them turning down the graphics it looked photo realistic to me. The audio is done exceptionally well and fucks with your minds. The random nature of the game (which isn't apparent at first) starts to hound at your mind. The sense of relief when you
UBERSPOILER: escape through the basement door and it you pop at the start of the hallway again was almost euphoric because it gave you a few moments of peace before you got scared shitless again.

I kept telling myself "just one more hallway" so many times, but forced myself to keep going. The actual jump-scares almost made me yell out like a little bitch and really got the heart racing. The heart condition warning is definitely warranted.

When I got assaulted by the lady near the front door (?) and woke up in the room again I thought "thank fuck, that must be the end" but then walked out.. and nope! I was glad when I hit a dead end and couldn't progress any more, I played for probably 40 minutes and got in and out of the bathroom then a lot more hallway iterations before I was being followed by footsteps (or a peg leg?) but couldn't go through any doors. Looking at some discussions (very light skimming so I don't spoil anything for myself) I may have missed inspecting the phone, but it seems that might be random and it could be a genuine dead end.

I loved the fact that there were really no instructions or hints in any way. I discovered zooming/inspecting by pure accident just mashing buttons and
UBERSPOILER: it took a while to figure out to do it to the kid peeking through the door. Holy fuck that was scary. It was apparently thought to take about a week for the internet to solve it working together, but one person solved it on the same night which is impressive. I suppose it's just with so many players the near-impossible random order of things to be done actually got done.

I look forward to watching a few mates play through it one night, I expect pants to be shat and controllers being thrown at the screen. We played Outlast for a while before and it was a lot of fun, hopefully we can finish this one!

Also for the person who put a semi-spoiler in the title, please don't..
Ah, the infamous playable teaser making the rounds. I watched a video of it, and my heart was pacing so fast just with the player walking around.

It's so amazingly atmospheric.

The two individuals behind this one is a dream team-up that I never thought I'd see happen.

The IP in question is in good hands.
I shat my pants within the first ten minutes of Outlast. I am not keen on horror games anymore =_= it stressed me the fuck out and nothing really happened, haha.
This is game is pretty freaky. I have no idea what's going on though, it just kind of leaves you there with nothing to do.

Edit: Never mind, I worked out what to do, even more freaky shit.
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