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Let's pretend that for some reason, you can eat anything at any time without consequence. No need to worry if you're going to get fat, have high blood pressure, monitor your salt intake or any of that crap. You get what your body needs to stay fit and healthy no matter what you shove down your gullet.

It's probably due to fancy new technology that allows us to make unhealthy food healthy, or change the way our bodies process it with nanobots or a pill, or some other wondrous marvel.

You still need to eat something to feel full, but it doesn't matter what it is or contains.

What delicious food would you eat on a regular basis?

Would the standard meal archetypes change at all?

What do you think would become new regular breakfast/lunch/dinner items?

Would the fast food / delivery / drive thru services change drastically?

Or would you just eat plain food that tasted like nothing to sustain your life and give it no more thought?
I imagine my meals wouldn't change too much. I already go running for the sole purpose of being able to eat what I want.

Is what we eat limited to food?

I would probably use this ability at some point to eat a chocolate wrapper instead of walking over to the bin.
I feel the general breakfast, lunch and dinner archetypes will mostly remain in tact for some time, but I think you'd have a dessert after every meal without fail. For some reason, I really like the idea of eating a self saucing chocolate pudding with a small dollop of vanilla ice cream.. for breakfast in winter. I can imagine myself picking it up at a drive thru and hoeing into it while reading the news at work before starting my day.

Because health isn't an issue, I think there would be a serious surge in ready-to-cook or frozen meals. If I were to still cook at home I think pancakes and waffles would probably be a breakfast standard, with a shit load of butter. Grilled cheese sandwiches (American style in the pan with butter), bacon and egg bbq rolls would also be eaten regularly.

To me lunch has always just been about not starving while at work, and isn't usually that exciting. Though I think cafes and corner shops will change their menu a fair amount to cater for the work crew that now want to eat excessive comfort food to get them through the day. And of course a crispy sugar and cinnamon donut for afterwards.

I think the portions of meals you eat out will generally stay that same, just get more decadent and indulgent. It would take a while for social norms in eating to change, but people wouldn't be scared to slather their steak in creamy sauce, have thrice fried chips with cheese and bacon on top, or a tart honey balsamic dressing on their salad. Salad would probably still exist in restaurants because it's a cheap plate filler.

I'd like to think that pulled pork and ribs would be more readily available, as they're fucking delicious and more places would need to offer them as demand goes up. Pork belly, and roast pork with extra crackling and the like would also be right up there for me.
What about the environmental consequences Fork? more pork belly involves more pig breeding and subsequently murdered pigs.

Also if you over eat massively the food would have to go somewhere. There's going to be a lot of poop around.
True, but I suppose you'd still get full and not be able to eat any more. Perhaps meal portions will have to get a bit smaller to allow room for each dessert? :P

There would be huge shifts in farming and agriculture requirements, which would probably inflate prices for the more desirable foods for a while until supply meets demand.

I guess one possible answer is that most people will be forced to eat cardboard to stay alive while the rich cunts hoard and eat all the delicious food for every meal.

I thought it would be fun discussing anyway.
Spoon wrote:
Donuts. Donuts for every meal.

The problem i see with this is not so much being able to eat what you want and not getting fat, but still having to make the food you want. Because of this i'm just going to assume I have a slave around to make whatever i want whenever i want it without getting fat.

In that case, it' going to be roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings, bulk amounts of roast potatoes and fucking gravy everywhere. I would also have some roast ducks and roast chickens involved. So much roasting. Funnily enough i would still want the veges. I kind of like veges after being conditioned so much by my parents. Might be why i don't get fat.

I would also smash KFC, chinese take-away, take away fish and chips, cheese and onion chips, pizza, chicken sniddys, veal sniddys, surf and turf steaks, fucking BBQ prawns on top of everything, fists full of cashews in between all of that. Strawberry milk for drinks. Ohh and maccas hash browns. Sooo many hash browns. Mash potato made with full cream for a side for everything too.
I would still eat a lot of what I already do, as it's tasty as, but I would also indulge a hell of a lot in sweet stuff.

I'd also smash out roast duck and fast foods, Jim.

Basically I'd eat everything.

And Jim, you're not fat yet because you're under 30. Something to look forward to ;)
Hunterbob wrote:
I would still eat a lot of what I already do, as it's tasty as, but I would also indulge a hell of a lot in sweet stuff.

I'd also smash out roast duck and fast foods, Jim.

Basically I'd eat everything.

And Jim, you're not fat yet because you're under 30. Something to look forward to ;)

It's probably more because i don't really like the feeling of being stuffed full. It's kind of like a self regulating system where if i eat too much and feel full i feel seedy and won't eat much for a while afterwards.

No doubt i'll grow a bit of a beer belly after thirty, but that's probably more to do with the fact i'm married now than the age factor lol
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