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Hunterbob wrote:
SilverClaw wrote:
cailo- wrote:
My well done steak must use the best quality steak and not the worst, I want no chef that considers a well cooked steak to be worse than a rare cooked steak.

We could never be friends.

Best quality steak is never cooked well done.

^ This, high quality steak should never be well done as the flavor goes to shit and loses a lot of its juices which just makes it taste like a normal burnt steak.
That's total bulshit.

Meat is steak if it's cut perpendicular to the fibres. That's it. Steak can be in a pie or a stew where it is well and truly well-done. Where you cut it from affects the tenderness/texture of the meat not the flavour.

The flavour has more to do with the animal than anything else. Was it free range? etc etc. You don't decide how to cook your steak based on the cut.

How you like your steak is entirely up to you. there is no "right" way to cook a steak, but many wrong ways. If you think a well done steak loses it's flavour/juices you have never had a properly cooked well done steak.You've had a steak that someone has cooked the fuck out of and turned into a well worn thong. Either that or you like the flavour of blood, not actually the flavour of meat.
I've found the backlash to my preference for well done to be surprising which has led me to question the reason why I like my steak well done.

cailo- wrote:
My well done steak must use the best quality steak and not the worst, I want no chef that considers a well cooked steak to be worse than a rare cooked steak.

I suppose this statement comes from a well done steak I had at a restaurant about a year ago. I usual don't order steak but this was a special discount steak night at this venue. The meat they served me was a screwy little thing and it wasn't particularly enjoyable. I considered that if they severed me a good quality steak well done I would enjoy it.

Its not like I haven't tried tried rare steak so I am sure I don't like it. So what is my deal with liking my steak well done? I found this to be interesting: … 511AAnEYov

The best reply considers the individual who likes a well cooked steak to not like a steak bloody, they consider the risk of bacteria, and they dislike the texture. I don't find bloodiness and risk of bacteria to be a concern but I certainly don't like the texture so that is definitely a factor. I also suppose there is another reason: could it be I just don't like the taste of plain beef?

Ok I'm a total cooking noob and I don't enjoy cooking but overseas I needed to learn a little bit because I had to eat something. I was taught to sear the steak on both sides then put it in the oven for about 15 minutes: bang well done steak. It worked great with chicken, pork and lamb back-strap which may of lead to my bias for well done steak but retrospectively thinking about it beef still has never tasted great to me even when I cook it my self.

Maybe when I have beef I like it cooked to shit because its the only way I can bare it. Not to say I still like beef when its apart of something like a stir fry or a pasta or sausage or something.
Fork wrote:

Let's pretend that for some reason, you can eat anything at any time without consequence. No need to worry if you're going to get fat, have high blood pressure, monitor your salt intake or any of that crap. You get what your body needs to stay fit and healthy no matter what you shove down your gullet.

I can't even imagine what that would be like. Food denial is the only thing that keeps my existence orderly. If I allowed myself to eat what I want, I'd probably go insane and lose my job and become a weird homeless person. What must it be like to say "I feel like a packet of chips, I'm gonna buy a packet of chips today?" The idea seems ludicrous. But in answer to the question, I think I would probably eat mostly sausage/bacon/eggs on toast, and macaroni cheese.
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