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Want to play a little game? Don't worry, it's simple.

1) Don't read any spoilers in this thread before following the rest of these rules
2) Listen to the above song, paying attention to the lyrics
3) Post what you think the song is about, in spoiler tags
4) Read other people's opinions and don't diss them because we're all friends

What we should get are people's unadulterated thoughts on what it's about, without sway or influence.

Lyrics here if you want them. I don't blame you, the music video was pretty trippy.

I suppose if you're super insecure you can read the other spoilers, but that's spoiling the fun. (Get it?)

After a while we can put up a different song and do-it a-gain. (Get it?)

My thoughts:

The first few times I heard this song it sounded like it was just about nothing in particular at all.

Then I thought it was meta. Robyn doing it again with Royksopp to make another song. Then even more meta about the structure and flow of the song.

But when I sat down and actually focused on it there were little hints to sex and drugs. Maybe an ex lover? Maybe addiction in general?

I'm going with addiction. And now looking back at it, that seems like the most obvious answer.

Should be interesting to see what people come up with.
Well it sounded like it was pretty obviously about some sort of sexual experience but then the part about 'when we come down' seemed to change it to sound more like it's about drugs.

Her friend is leading her down a path of crack addiction I guess.
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