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I loved this jerk as a kid and after a 4 year hiatus he's back and slinging shit at everyone he can.. but mostly Pharrell Williams so far.

Do you love him or hate him? What's your favourite song?

And some of his old classics

Word Crimes is pretty impressive, both the lyrics and the video.

I'm pretty surprised that he's still going so strong after all these years, the man has a good mind for parody.
He has a knack of really nailing his parodies. They're very very clever. The Star Wars parody is basically perfect, it's actually better than the original imo.
A new one was released today, FOIL, parody of "Royals" by Lorde.

I thought the Royals/Foil one was pretty great.

Also he looks like Doctor Cox from Scrubs in whatever the next video was, but it was quite shit.


Some more:

Anyone saying they hate Weird Al needs to be banned.

Handy is brilliant, catchy and a great parody.
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