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So I played the intro chapter last night, and It's pretty awesome so far. The graphics are quite an improvement over black flag. I stopped playing when I got stuck in the corner of a room between an NPC, a table and a chair. Hopefully when I start it up again I'm not in that corner still.

I can definitely notice the super low frame rates in certain areas, however it doesn't feel as bad as most people are claiming. If it was a first person shooter the low frame rate would be an issue, but as it's 3rd person it isn't as much of an issue.

The biggest feature so far in Unity is the sheer volume of NPCs in most areas. It now actually makes sense that a character can get lost in a crowd of people, whereas in the old Ass Creeds your assassin would supposedly blend in with just 3 other people around him.

Overall I've enjoyed the small amount I've played so far, but I do agree that the bun could have been left in the oven a little bit longer, as there are still some buggy elements to it.
Good to hear it isn't a complete flop, Kiral :)

I've played a fair bit more of this now, and I'm still enjoying it. Most of the glitches I've encountered so far are quite amusing.


There is a co-op mode in this too, and a clan system. So far it's just me and Clown who have the game, and we haven't tested out that part of the game.
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