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Enesis wrote:
So so, was good for something new but had completed it all within 4-5 hours

Lol. Jesus man, take nibbles!
Wasn't like that... 1 area is another daily area ( 1 hour to do )
Other area is another zone with only 2x 20man raid daily's with a bunch of 1 time quests

They where all very fun to do and lasted a few nights.. which is expected really.

Still waiting on dung / adventure changes :(
the new areas brought out some story and dailies, now if you don't want the items from the daily vendors, there no incentive to do them, other than to try get elder point cap, but do some dungeons/adventures and achieve the same goal. So to me they feel like a chore. they are fine for some easy money, if you do both sets of dailies and dont get ganked and do some challenges whilst you are at it, you can probably score about a plat in a bit over an hour, less if you go with others,
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