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So hopefully by now we have all selected a char and getting close to 50!

My question... what will your primary and secondary role be? and based on this looting and gear. ( this is just thoughts raised by new 12 members so please don't treat as gospel til ethnick confirms )

BOE lvl 50 loot
Having level 50 blues is certainly helpful when starting in the adventures, however this can be expensive. Suggest any 50 loot is put into the guild bank to assist others, rather then just sold for gold.

Defining your role
Loot drops will be given to primary roles first, unless it isn't needed or not much of an upgraded and passed down. Any blue/purple items not used put into guild bank

Suitable Raid times ( something to start to think about, again has been raised by new members )
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7pm ?

Unsure if we have anyone in the guild currently raising this, however I see it being pretty dam critical skill we need someone to have. This person should be sent all guild members rune materials and items made from these put into the bank. ( happy to tip or pay for costs ) Anyone that plays a dick load want to do this? ( wish I had picked this over armor )
Keen to get raiding when I get to that point (may be a while) but I doubt you'll get many people to raid on a Saturday night. Any 2/3 of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday nights and I can work everything else around that to suit :)

I'd be down for a DPS spot (Engineer) but would tank if that's what the guild really needed most.
I'm fairly sure anyone can craft runes Ene, just got to the crafting table i illium and give it a try. As for raiding lets just leave that one for now. It will take a long time for people to get geared and then attuned for raids so let's leave that one for now.

Now gearing I'm also going to leave till we work out raid as they go hand in hand but I would like everyone to define there rolls now on what they want to do so that we have a clear picture of what we need and how many to recruit.

I will start by saying I will be a healer
I've determined my playstyle when we chose our server. That being said, its fair to say my gear option will be suboptimal for dungeons or raiding.

I'd still join on some adventures and raids especially as DPS but I can't promise I'll be a tank since I'm without gear. But If people donate heavy HP or support gear to me instead of vendoring then I might be able to fulfill that role.
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