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Syphin wrote:
Can anyone spot Mr Burns and Ironman?

I enjoyed this a lot, cheers Syph!
Sami Khedira inured his calf in the warmup, and has been replaced in the starting 11 by Kramer who hasn't played at all in the Cup! Very significant considering how good Khedira has been this tournament.

Still think Germany will win 2-0, with no Di Maria I don't think there is enough firepower aside from Messi and Higuian. So far has been an exciting game though, hopefully it continues.

Edit: Kramer has been subbed early with injury! High drama.
Great first half, Argentina playing exactly how they need to very defensively with blistering counter attack. If not for Higuain's terrible shot at goal, they could very well be ahead. Höwedes could also have put ze Germans ahead in the 47th minute but hit the far post from close range with a header.

Hnggggg, come on Germany get your shit together! They seem rattled by the late changes to the team.
Welcome to immortality Mario Götze. 113th minute and he put away one of the best strikes you'll see, amazing finish.

Worthy World Cup winners, great final and tense the whole way through!
Immensely intense final, I only managed to get a bit of the end of normal time, but I did watch all of extra time, and wow was that a well fought game.

Fun called it, Germany are the 2014 World Cup winners! Congratulations Germany and Götze for scoring an amazing goal out of no where (that cross though, beautiful).

Manuel Neuer named the best goal keeper of the tournament and Lionel Messi the best player.

Germany now have won the FIFA World Cup four times, quite the record there.
It was good to see the best team won, which is often not the case in soccer.

i tried to get up again but the time difference in perth made that much harder than it would have been at home.
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