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What didn't happen

As a few of you know, our little alien baby, Spawn, came into the world on Friday evening (a few days earlier than expected).
I managed to stay home for too long so when I did get to the hospital and beg for drugs it was too late for anything other than gas. Thankfully their enormous bath was free, so we ended up having a water birth, which was amazing.

Aedan John, born at 7.34 pm on Friday 30 May, weighing 3.18 kg and measuring 51 cm.
Many congratulations Hek & Bain! Aedan is a brilliant name, and he's a handsome little dude.

Can't believe there is a little Twelvette in the world (we get to claim him)!

The prophesied Twelve Messiah has come! Praise be to the Twelve Gods, the one to lead Twelve into the next generation is here.

Grats on successful incubation Hekate, he's adorable and had Corrine swooning as soon as she saw him on facebook!

Also what's with the misspelling of Aidan? Other than just making things hard for administrators everywhere does Aedan come from somewhere?

Also because so many Fitzsimmons posts have been popping up on facebook, do you prefer Fitz or Simmons in Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D
Aedan is just a way more badass way of spelling Aidan/Aiden, clearly.
Congrats both of you! Were you surprised or did you know the sex before the water birth? Also, could you please make a spreadsheet and accompanying graph with time of labor versus how many times you wanted to kill Bain during.

An alternative graph could be made about how you wanted to see him die during.
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