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Favourite Path

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Have you tried any Paths yet?

Did you like them and feel they added to the game?

Or were they a half-arsed idea that felt tacked-on?

Any great class/path combinations you found work well?
For the character I played the most I thought I'd stray from the normal MMO style secondary and go with Scientist. I was an Esper Scientist, on Nexus to discover new forms of kick-ass magic and stuff!

The Scientist quests seemed pretty shit at the start though. It was just "oh there's a Scientist thing here, summon bot and hit scan" and it spits up text I couldn't be bothered reading. I feel this path would be great for the lore buff. Later on I was hacking some auto gun turrets though, which was pretty cool. I think that was a Scientist only thing..?

I think you should be able to just right click on something and it summons and then scans and disappears. I didn't like it following me around (though some uber-scientists might like this) and having to summon/dismiss it manually was a bit of a pain.

I also tried Settler briefly on the Exiles side and gathered some beer mugs then put them in a settler's chute.. but it might have been bugged as it didn't really do anything, so I don't really have any opinions on it yet.
Cool beans, didn't know that.

Cosmetic gear sets meaning Costumes? Apparently they unlock at level 7.
-- At level 7, you unlock your first costume slot. You will get multiple costume slots as you level, and you can switch between them on the fly. You can place any piece of armor or costume item in a costume slot no matter what class you are.
-- In order to change your costume, you must go to your faction’s capital city and find the protostar "Personal Stylist". Here you can place items into your costume slot as well as dye your costumes and normal gear. However, you do not unlock the ability to dye until level 14.

From here: … ful_links/
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