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Favourite Class

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Have you found a favourite class yet?

What did you try out?

What worked and what didn't?

Any race/class combinations that you feel are missing?

Any classes completely OP right now?
I played the majority of the as an Esper. That's the one where you summon temporary shit to fuck badguys up. Overall it was a fun class to play with a range of decent abilities. I quite liked Ghoul which spawned a temporary monster to fight by your side because it took the focus away from me, then I could use the big aoe spinny blades thing that wrecked a lot of shit.

The special class thing (where you press 'R') seemed pretty fucking useless, but maybe I wasn't using it right. It felt like an 'OH SHIT' button to press so you chill out for a bit gaining Psi Points, then drop a bomb and hope you survive.

I also played a Spellslinger for a very short while, this felt a lot more powerful than the Esper even at level 2. Their special class thing was actually useful, but their class power method was a bit confusing with the 4 dials and no values at all..
Biggest thing for me is combat feedback. Anyone play a bit of stalker and warrior in beta got any thoughts on how the classes felt with killing baddies?

Medic has a satisfying fry buzz feedback for their spells. Engineer feels good as does slinger. Melee felt a bit like I was hitting with a wiffle bat.
I played pretty much everything besides esper in the betas I was in. Melee feels strong in terms if damage and in pve you don't really feel the latency issues that much except for when you at trying to dodge shit. They are what you expect really the hit fucking hard and if you ate tanking with them hard to kill.

I personally loved the medic. They have decent damage dealing potential and have a massive range if different healing spells from straight up big heals, to hots, to shield barriers. The class ability with medics is very good, first if you are above 30% hp you get a buff of somewhere around 18% to both dps and healing. But when you are below 30% you get a defensive cd, recharging your shields and making them absorb more.

All in all though for people on the fence still about what to play you won't really be gimping yourself much with choosing melee over ranged as you hit harder but this only applies to pve. From personal experience it is a lot harder to be melee in pvp as our latency really does suck major ball sack. You will find 80% of the time you are chasing people around trying to hit them but when you can get on them and start doing damage it is ducking sweet how fast shit dies.
Melee definitely has the shortest end of the stick if you are oceanic, which we unfortunately are. I haven't tried a tunneling software to reduce ping but I can tell you now you can dodge only simple aoe's, but not the moving ones.

If I am to name a class that's most similar to stalkers.. I'd say its closest to GW2 Thief dagger/dagger or sword/dagger build with acrobatics traits but without the invisibility spam.

My stalker rotation: stealth->burst->cc-->burst/autoattack-->dodge rinse and repeat.

Stealth is not very overpowered in this game due to the fact that taking damage makes you visible, so there is no upper hand going stealth other than initiation and and a slight advantage in emergency withrawal. The CC that we get are stuns, knockdowns, and snare (movement slow). In PvP, its best for us to flank instead of fighting on the front lines mainly because of the latency issues, as well as because going in the middle of 8 people shooting stuff at you is usually a bad thing unless you have stuns and knockdowns. This tactic is very effective when the enemies are in a smaller space and withrawing, the CC's can give your team a good 4 seconds of free hitting or recovery time. The usual roles for this class are to chase and take out single targets and/or complete objectives such as sneaking behind enemy lines to steal masks etc...

The other thing I haven't tried with this class is being a tank.. so I can't really talk about it.

I think on higher levels AMP's will determine what your capabilities are. So far I'm looking into pure assault AMP with some lifesteal. I'll try the other trees when I get enough points...

Overall I like its capability on 1v1 and against congested targets but although its attacks are aoe, the range and area are very limited so its not exactly great at big aoe damage. (again im only 12) So on a 2v1 situation all the pair needs to do is put some distance between them and there is nothing the stalker can do about them. Like nick said, our latency sucks balls but with some luck and a lot of guesswork you can get this class to work even on pvp. I burst someone for 3k damage as lvl 12 which gave me a smile.

So yes, big damage burst, alright cc abilities and lots of evasion (dodging and "jumping" skills).
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Played till lvl 8 as a Medic it is very interesting, but I wonder how it will be at the max level cap, will it be like priests in WoW where you can go for a dps based or healing/support class? Is it's scaling viable and is it possible to go some unorthodox spec like a tanking medic and make it legitimate late game.

You guys might think it's stupid, but I find instead of just playing multiple classes to satisfy those roles you feel like playing, I want something where I can play one class, but try different spec's and play styles on just one character.

Anyway back on topic, I think Medic's might be the first class to be nerfed by what seems to be reasonable damage skills with some interesting self survival buffs.
Well this game might not work for you then Shrewm. All classes can only perform 2 roles. So no you cant tank as medic its not possible. That being said i dont think medic will be the first class nerfed. Im placing my bets on espers, they are really strong with good healing and damage.
Ethnick wrote:
Well this game might not work for you then Shrewm. All classes can only perform 2 roles. So no you cant tank as medic its not possible. That being said i dont think medic will be the first class nerfed. Im placing my bets on espers, they are really strong with good healing and damage.

What attracted me to medic was I felt they were the closest to a true hybrid. Perhaps later with creative gearing and amp choice a high threat with self heals could be a absorb style tank?
There may be a way to try and do it but from what ive seen mobs just hit way to hard and even with your self sustain it may not be enough to keep yourself from getting 3 hit. Dont be fooled by other mmo's the dungeons in this game are hard and you will need dedicated roles and coordination to do them properly. That said i would love people to try out new things and see if they can work, its always fun making new builds and try them out.
I've only played engineer. Level 9 now.

I like that even though it is a pet class you aren't reliant on the pets at all. You can make a build that doesn't revolve around them, or you can summon a personal army and mess stuff up.

Enjoying the class so far, although i haven't tried anything else to compare it against.
I like having pigeonholed roles, makes me feel like when I'm playing a 'tank' class then I'll be specialized, whereas when you're playing the GW2/TESO take on things where ALL CLASSES TANK ALL THE THINGS everything feels homogenized.
I'm all for customising spec's and different ways to min max damage or support output, if a Medic can't be a tank down the line that is fine as long as there is some form of "IT" factor that keeps me wanting to play that class and not just switch to another class after the effort of getting geared or worse burned out from the game.
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