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When a wormhole is newly discovered, a team of explorers and scientists embarks on a voyage through it to transcend previous limitations on human space travel.

Matthew McConaughey and Jim's favourite actress are in a new Nolan thing. Looks interesting enough. Time travel and alternate dimensions have been mentioned so far.
Things I like:

- Space travel: Check
- Christopher Nolan: Check
- Dystopian future: Check
- Michael Caine as an old mentor: Check
- Risky 'last hope' plans that involve flying into black holes: Check

Think I might watch this one.
thorment wrote:
I'm interested what law of physics they are going to violate this time, so I will also watch this.

Apparently they've consulted very heavily with astro physicists in regards to the behaviour of black holes/worm holes including what they'd look like etc.
wormholes, huehuehuehuehue. Its existence invalidates Hawking's theories. Even if such things exist, traversing through it will rip apart and crunch matter to planck scales before spewing it out the other side.

I'd still watch this.
This looks cool.

If it's a wormhole, then who knows what would really happen. Wormholes are theorized to be possible as means of transportation - a folding of space as we know it. However, this concept is heavily reliant on the Einstein interpretation of what space really is. That is to say, space-time is an infinite flat sheet, in which dense cosmic objects (such as planets and stars) curve the space around them. Sort of like putting a steel ball on a suspended piece of cloth. Indent the sheet enough with enough mass and you can get certain parts of the cloth to intersect each other. Theoretically speaking it's possible, but in practicality, we would have to amass a ludicrous amount of energy.

If it's a black hole, then that would be fundamentally stupid. Gravitational tidal forces from any stellar black hole would spaghettify even an atom - let alone a spaceship. Physicists would have probably told the writers that no space mission would entail sending a crewed vessel into a point in space which technically no longer exists in our time and reality. People perceive black holes to be spinning vacuums in space, but they are in fact - actual holes in the fabric of our universe.

Still, whatever they choose - it looks cool.
It's crazy how 5 years ago if you told me Matthew McConaughey would be in a Nolan sci-fi film I'd be totally disappointed, now however I'm actually excited to see him in it.
Fun wrote:
It's crazy how 5 years ago if you told me Matthew McConaughey would be in a Nolan sci-fi film I'd be totally disappointed, now however I'm actually excited to see him in it.

Yea mate exactly right, he use to be the shirtless wonder, now he is one of the best in the trade, totally looking forward to this movie. Trailer was exciting.
I was looking forward to this movie as soon as I read "Christopher Nolan" and "space movie" about a year ago. I think I'll attempt to skip watching all trailers so it's all as new to me as possible when it releases.

Should be good!

So fucking keen!


Might see if Stacey is keen for a date night tonight..
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Reason: embedded the soundcloud
Forgot I had Gold Class tickets from Christmas last year that I have to use in November so I'm gonna see this next week!

It better not suck!
Totally missed this thread, but I've been looking forward to this for a while after stumbling upon the trailer on YouTube.

Apparently, the research team that worked on this actually made a scientific breakthrough on their modelling of what a black hole looks like and will have a paper published.
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