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Today marks the beginning of the new season as the teams prepare to retool after their season. Free agency has been exciting to watch as both the Patriots and Broncos have been resigning players from other teams in what appears to be an "Arms race" in the AFC. Meanwhile, the Superbowl champs Seahawks will be looking to add more pieces to their already
dominant defense while they can before they have to pay out their star quarterback Russel Wilson when contract negotiations begin. Follow the draft over the next 3 days and we'll judge their picks at the end for who came out ahead through the draft and who became a donkey. NFL season has begun!
GB picked up Peppers eh? Hopefully he turns out okay.

And the new Safety, Clinton-dix, seems like an aggressive player, mates with Lacy, which is good I guess.

Eric Ebron would of been excellent, but seeing as they had the 22nd pick, good luck lol.

Going to be a big year for GB :thumbleft:

Do you think they will go defence next ?

maybe couldn't a FS play TE? or will they try and pick up a TE?
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