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Has anyone been watching this? Sick Beard has been grabbing this but I only saw a couple of episodes at most.

Has it gotten any better? Worth watching?
I just finished watching the final episode of this season. I mentioned that I was watching this to someone recently and they said they heard that this gets better as it goes along and from watching it I believe its true.

The show really grows into its self. I think what really kept me watching was the fact that there is so much misery in Gotham, everyone seems to be a serial killer, the whole show turns somewhat into a horror movie. I don't enjoy horror movies but I suppose because I became so invested into the show I pushed towards the end hoping for a happy and/or conclusive outcome. I suppose its like Breaking Bad in the way that annoying characters in the beginning become less annoying as the world around them descends into chaos.

Like Star Wars Episode 3 we all know what is going to happen here but its interesting to see it unravel so there are no surprises here so no [spoilers] necessary. Gordan becomes a hero and looks prospective to become commissioner. Bruce Wayne finds courage. Cat and Riddler become evil. I think I enjoyed Pengins story the most, the story of a an insignificant yet highly intelligent peace of trash who goes from nothing to being the king of Gotham.

I am really looking forward to season 2.
Ive been watching the second season and from what I hear the season is called "Rise of the Villains". Theres been a few name drops but the way its going right now, I wonder when the next big villain pops up such as, when will Nigma crack completely? Or Mr Freeze show up?
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