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Congratulations go to Neifelheim for winning Post of the Month for April 2014.

Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: MH370 - what the hell aviation industry?'.


Neifelheim wrote:
It will be very interesting to see what it is they are actually picking up as it is not the black box because it is in a hanger at Diego Garcia.…

Possible things they will find -



Mankind, well man mainly has been infatuated with the thought of women with tails that swim in the ocean, there are many sightings chronicled over the centuries so it's not a question of weather it's true....just where is all the tail at?

Obviously they live in a city.….for mermaids!

The Underwater City -

May look like this -


Where the Mer-race lives in well lit cities in bubbles that have 60's style submarines as their primary method of transport. Also fish! Lots of fish probably the deep water kind as the city is located at quite a depth yes? The sort of place where Angler Fish are the pet of choice and even star on their own TV show trained by the Underwater equivalent of Caesar 'Got Gills?' Milan.

Or it may look like this?


Which is far more likely as mermaids using submarines is the realms of pure fiction much like most of the Liberal Parties policies on things like the NBN, Tax Reform and that 1% of the worlds refugees are a threat to the Australian way of life.

This city is all about towers. Towers with lots of lights. It's quite ingenius as the big round things are actually a giant conductor from all the tidal energy that the oceans has....Moons how do they work?

If one were to take a walk (or waddle as walking on a tail is not easy) down the average boulevarde of Mermaid City, one would notice that there are not many Merman around.….its because many aeons ago a vast and ancient evil awoke to enslave the free peoples of Mermaidia. His name is He-Man his proposed doctrines of being bi-curious and an improper dress code were inconsistent with the Mermaidian's 'Free Bubbles' party and thus a war ensured.


This is a party of a crack Merman team taking on He-man.

So with no men about the Mermaids are usually left to their own devices which includes removing their tails and bathing in the surface dwellers run-off and generally having fun escapades making grizzled and lonely sailors question their sanity.

In second place we have willy with the post: 'Re: Game of Thrones - Season Four'.


willy wrote:
Spoon wrote:
willy wrote:
When I come home from site on Thursday evening my wife waits until she hears my motorbike pull into the driveway then...

The first thing I hear when I pull my helmet off and switch off my bike is the game of thrones theme. It makes coming all the more epic :)

I can't think of anything more romantic

Maybe if it was my twin sister playing it for me, cersei styles.
And in third place we have Jiminy with the post: 'Re: Game of Thrones - Season Four'.


Jiminy wrote:
Well from what I can tell Beefy created a master work of art in photoshop and negative nancy Hannah accused him of stealing it from Reddit, when it was in fact Beefy who posted it to Reddit.

That's the story I'm selling to A Current Affair anyway.
Which now brings us to our Posters of the month. These are the people that received the most overall votes for their posts throughout the month.

1) Neifelheim with a total of 6 votes

2) Fork with a total of 6 votes

3) willy with a total of 5 votes

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see even more quality content from everyone next month!
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willy wrote:
Oh my first podium finish!


I got my first first place in one of the other months, but it wasn't OC so I feel dirty about it.
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