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Congratulations go to Ausedragon for winning Post of the Month for March 2014.

Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: MH370 - what the hell aviation industry?'.


Ausedragon wrote:
Wiing wrote:
Yea, probably. I was looking into it last night but, I like the Maldives sighting. How can several ppl claim to see it, then say they didn't see it. As for the timing be wrong, he would of been low to the ground due to radar and thus lower speed and better fuel economy. After the Maldives is an island called Diego Garcia. It is a top secret US CIA base. Any unknown airship in any airspace around the island would immediately be shoot down. The rookie pilot I assume took control and wanted to try it out in real life. He could of done it several times in his own simulator, but due to formatting the HDD a week before hand, we wont know.

Firstly, the CIA can recover information on HDDs, unless it was fully 0 and 1 wiped several times. Do most ppl know this, probably not. Why hasn't the cia found anything on the hdd yet?

Secondary, how do you simply make a mistake and not see a large plane flow overhead that isn't usually there.

Thirdly, look at the area where they are searching, the pictures look like shit. Firstly it was something they found on images that could be it. Now a couple of weeks later, this new information come out saying they used the doppler effect and used a few weeks work of data for known flights and now they suggest that those items follow the arc and it could be them. You have to remember this data was assuming that the plane didn't drop below 30,000 feet. FUCKEN BS. The dataset is too inconclusive and had to follow certain rules, this is real life and nothing is for certain. And the ocean they are searching in is 5KM deep, you really think you will find something.

Its just the CIA injecting information into the media to make shit sound like it could be real. After they find nothing in the ocean it will be too late as the black box wont have any battery life left

edit, wrote:
Time is running out to find the bright orange-coloured box, which emits a ping in water that can be picked up from a depth of just over 4km.

yet the ocean is 5km deep, gg

I can feel the amount of tin foil you're wearing...

In fact, I managed to find this selfie of you and your cat:

In second place we have Darkshaunz with the post: 'Happy Birthday to Doc'.


Darkshaunz wrote:
Happy Birthday Battle-Brother Docilus!

May your computer continue to break things spectacularly this year!

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