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Can the Flash outrun time?

Over this weekend, I've had the opportunity to watch three new DC animated features - featuring Twelve favourites such as the Justice League and Batman. I'm excited to be able to recommend the three films below to everyone:

  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)
  • Justice League: War (2014)
  • Son of Batman (2014)

*Note that you should watch Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox before watching Justice League: War.

The reason I am recommending these movies, is because they are great superhero stories and are excellently choreographed, and animated. If you enjoyed Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited all those years ago, these two new movies are a no-brainer. The final of the three movies, Son of Batman is just a great adventure, wrapped in a fresh new Batman-story.

The movies are certainly not what you'd expect from a traditional western cartoon feature. On the contrary, the movies are full of adult themes, physical violence and even the occasional swearing. It's not employed gratuitously, but actually comes as a bit of a mature surprise. So if you have an urge to reconnect with your younger self, one that used to revel in a good ol' Superhero smashing - then you are in luck.

Movie Posters/Covers:

I watched Flashpoint Paradox today, it was pretty great seeing all the badass version of our regular superheroes. Especially what happened with Bat-Dad, and Aquaman not being a completely retarded character for once. If the other two are anything like the first, they should also be great.
I would say that story-wise, Flashpoint paradox is the strongest of the three.

It's hard to beat parallel existences.

Son of Batman has the most intensely choreographed fights, and Justice League War: Is an enjoyable update to a classic origin story.
Ooo nice, thanks for the heads up.

I guess they want to give Aquaman some more screentime so he doesn't come out of the blue in the new movies.
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