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Jiminy wrote:
Other than giving you tips and chipping in for the bet though I don't want to do any work.

That is literally all that is required, I'm just looking to pool information not financial resources.

Fork wrote:
So will this actually be a syndicate where we put money into a pool which gets used on a bet everyone agrees to (well, the experts anyway) and share the wins/losses together?

Or is it just a thread for bragging about what bets you've made and won?

Nah, no actual combined financial commitment , more like "these are my good value bets for the weekend, what does everyone think, would this make a good multi" etc, and then we can have a look at how we've done over the weekend. It wouldn't be bragging because you'd be effectively using the sum of everyone else's knowledge to bet with. This is more of a social bet-tracking thread. I was just being facetious with the 'syndicate' title.
All good, just trying to clear it all up.

I would have been keen for the pooled money through Punt Club idea though, treat it as a little investment experiment.
I'm sure we could do it as a pool if we wanted to?

Everyone puts in $20 at the start, we make bets with it and every time we lose we put in another $10 or something. Whatever's left at the end of the season (or if someone wants to bail out) gets distributed?
Yeah, or make it even more simple.

  • $10 buy in per person
  • Set period of time - eg 1 month
  • Make bets based on general consensus
  • After time period is over, distribute winnings (if any) amongst participants
  • Start new round with $10 buy in and set a new time period

At the office Christmas party we had some office-wide betting, but if you had a win then only half of the winnings could be put towards the next bet. Makes it a little bit more complicated in that you have a 'safe kitty' (gasp, maths!?) but if you have at least one win you're guaranteed to get something out of it at the end.
Just auction off a couple boats if I lose too much in betting hey?

eh $20 like it was 1 post back? If you're going to make me care about 3 different sporf events at the same time I need a solid investment.
I honestly thought people wouldn't want to pool, I'm totally DTF for pooling resources, probably more than $10 though.
Well yeah it was just an example figure, it would depend on how long each one went for too I guess.

If you want to get fancy people can put in what they want and the payout is percentage based. That would get a bit trickier, but is still possible.

Really it will come down to the person who is prepared to put in the effort and run the thing, they can make whatever rules they want.
Clownshoes wrote:
Just auction off a couple boats if I lose too much in betting hey?

call in some favours, liquify some investments, move some assets... That sort of thing.
Jiminy wrote:
I can do super 15 and NRL easily :)

Rugby is my game

I too bet on rugby, union only though.

Rugby -

Super Rugby: Blues -3.0 @ 1.91


Myles Jury Diego Sanchez v Myles Jury 1.61
Dennis Bermudez Dennis Bermudez v Jimy Hettes 1.45
Rick Story Kelvin Gastelum v Rick Story 2.33
Hector Lombard Hector Lombard v Jake Shields 1.54
Carlos Condit Carlos Condit v Tyron Woodley 1.50
Johny Hendricks Johny Hendricks v Robbie Lawler 1.22

My picks are in RED

Total Stake $25.00
Est. Returns $383.23 + 25% bonus
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