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Welcome fellow Twelvians to the first ever No Skill League Hearthstone Edition.


Registration: Closed

Format: Best of 3, first person to win 2 games will move on. Final will be best of 5.

: First round opponents are drawn at random. Adjudicator is responsible for the Bracket. All participants are advised to use their best hero.

Maximum Players: 8

Guidelines: All Competitors must declare the Hero and name of the deck they will be using for the tournament. There is to be no editing of decks during the tournament. Anyone caught not using said deck or editing the deck will be disqualified. There are no restrictions on card use, if you have 9 legendaries feel free to use them.

Duration: Tournament will be held over a few weeks. Each round will commence once all competitors complete all games for the previous round. Each round must be completed before the assigned date to keep on track. All competitors who have not completed games before the time period will be disqualified.

Prizes: Title of the First ever Hearthstone Champion and a Forum Signature to accompany. Bragging rights and E-PEEN.


'Sup Brah" Warrior deck

"Pound Puppies" Hunter deck

"Thorny Horny" Druid deck

"Super Shammy" Shaman deck

"MeowMeowMeow" Druid deck

"By Fire Be Purged" Mage deck

"Hammer Dick" Paladin deck

"Spellslinger" Mage deck


Round 1:

Docilus Vs Willy - Winner Docilus 2-1
Seylana Vs GenericElf - Winner GenericElf 2-0
Bladearts Vs Bubblewhat -Winner Bladearts 2-1
Ethnick Vs Walldy - Winner Ethnick 2-0

Completion Date: 18th Feb

Round 2:

Docilus Vs GenericElf - Winner GenericElf 2-0
Bladeart Vs Ethnick - Winner Ethnick 2-0

Completion Date: 1st March


Winner Semi 1 Vs Winner Semi 2

Completion Date: 6th March

Champion - GenericElf "The Spellslinger"

NSL Hearthstone Edition Staff:

Organiser/Adjudicator: ETHNICK
Referee: TBA*
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I got locked out of my account for like a week cuz of the stupid authenticator and the website was down. I can finally play this damn game. I find though, in my old age, I don't really like playing against other people in these sorts of games. Too much pressure.
I work away during the week and that obviously affects my ability to play. My playing days are Fri/Sat/Sun normally but then occasionally I work away for 8 days.
Ok so my work roster is as follows:

Swing1 Away: 10th to 13th. (4 days away)
Swing2 Away: 17th to 24th. (8 days away)
25th to 2nd - 6 days HOME.

Hopefully I can get my games done in that time.
retsgip wrote:
I find though, in my old age, I don't really like playing against other people in these sorts of games. Too much pressure.

Yeah, I suck at card games too Rets ;)
Im magic :).

The draw will be done at random so as soon as doc submits a deck ill chuck everyone into a random number generator and we can start. Dont worry willy i will take into account your being away when i set the end date for each round.
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