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This trailer courtesy of BBC and seemingly inspired by Game of Thrones or so I am of the impression, should definitely be watched:

Alright, the opening ceremony is almost upon us, so lets get this thread on the ice and break it!

As most of you know the 2014 Winter Olympics, otherwise officially known as the XXII Winter Olympics is being held in Sochi this year, which is located in Russia, the cold mysterious Russia which is a country I barely know much of. I suppose all you need to know is that is cold and that the eyes of the world will be upon it starting tomorrow and run from February 7th to February 23 (February 8th to February 24 for those located in Australia/NZ). The opening ceremony will begin in a few hours from now.

The 2014 Winter Paralympics officially known as the XI Paralympic Winter Games will begin March 7 and run through to March 16, 2014.

In the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, there are 88 countries participating, 2,800+ estimated athletes, 98 events in 7 sports (15 disciplines), and as you may have guessed or already known, the motto for the Sochi Winter Olympics is "Hot. Cool. Yours."

Pretty cool how events like the Olympics can seemingly unite a nation, but I suppose it is only natural as the spectators are bearing witness to human ability at its limits and each of those athletes will/resolve/dreams extending beyond just our their own body. As a spectator, when we see such a spectacle, I suppose we can't help but be captivated:

The Olympic Torch Journey (into space and underwater) for those interested:

Also lets take a step back and remember how amazing the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics were, because they were AMAZING!!:

Always makes me wonder. Are these girls all hot because the only people able to spend time on an olympic sport are typically rich people, who tend to marry sexy people...or are they hot because they workout and exercise, thus preserving their energy and youthful nature???
I've found the coverage here to be a bit lacklustre. I've watched most evenings this week and all I've really seen is the qualifying rounds of everything. Managed to see the men's final slope style skiing, which was pretty awesome.

I was kind of hoping to see the more obscure finals like the cross country skiing where they have to stop for target shooting or even the curling.

I feel a bit disappointed as some of the judging has just felt really fixed in the slope style.

Ice skating has been amazing as usual!
I've caught a few episodes of Roy and H.G's Russian Revolution and it has been quite amusing indeed. H.G has a great delivery style that's generally funny no matter what he's saying.
I've been watching it all week, all day during work. Channel One has had it on non-stop, with repeats being played when there is nothing live coming in.
I prefer snow boarding over skis, but prolly due to all the Tony Hawk I played in my youth.
The American media was going crazy yesterday over some Russian speed skater accidentally getting her tits out or getting fully nude. When I got home to check it out I was more than a little disappointed.


Honestly wtf America? So fucking weird about nudity.
That's why you're a walking cock/pussy magnet and why your doing porn in a coffee shop Rets!

I prefer snowboarding too, as that's what I do, but this was he first time in years I've sat down to watch skiing. I was impressed!

The speed skating was pretty awesome last night, with a few falls. Kazakhstan made it to the men's finals due to Canada and I think Korea falling; Korea being a favourite to win too... Then in the women's finals, China cleaned up after a fall on the first lap. The commentators were enjoying the fact that it will probably be "the slowest gold medal" in history, hehe.
I watched the Snowboard Cross today and I found it very reminiscent of the BMX events from the summer games that I really enjoyed. It's quite exciting when only about 60% of the participants in any race even end up making it to the finish line.

Both Australian women ended up crashing out of their quarter/semi finals, with neither of them making it to the final, which was a shame. One of the Australian women finished 8th though which is a pretty darn good effort regardless.

The Men's Snowboard Cross is on tomorrow night at 7:30 pm and I'll certainly be watching it. It seems there are three Australian that made it through to the quarter finals and one of them is the current world #1, so there'll be a few to cheer for. Good luck to them!
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