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Just when you thought the Transformers reboot franchise couldn't get any worse, they're going to ruin dinosaurs for us next!

Hopefully Marky Mark can redeem it somewhat for us..
Hey, Grimlock is awesome. They better not ruin him.
This movie in one word: Uninspired.

This movie in a few more words: One dimensional actors we don't ever give a fuck about join up with robots to fight other robots. All of this is extremely boring until DINOSAURS come which are cool. Oh and humans survived and one is ok with the other fucking his daughter because he can drive a car. The end.

It also felt really cheap. A lot of the actual transforming occurred off screen that made it seem like they were just cutting it to save money, then when the new Human-made-transformers "transformed" it was just a swirly block swirl that looked the fucking same every time.

The special effects in general looked okay but everything just looked the fucking same. Metal shaped metal textures with metal spikes and metal bits.

The ship design, backstory with the extinction and the 'creators' was cool but took up minimal screen time.

It also went for almost three hours and dinosaurs only rocked up in the last 20 minutes, that was a fucking cop out.

Fork Rating: Half a meh out of a who-gives-a-fuck
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