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This game is going to be cool as hell. Do we have a show of hands yet of how many people are going to pick it up? Super keen to get some TwelvePlays happening once released.
Tristen wrote:
Anyone playing this on PS4 ? wondering if it is worth getting?

It seems like the kind of game you would play for a month of 2 then shelve ?

Very keen, but as Kiral said we're waiting for the price to drop a bit.

It also sounds like it's a bit broken at the moment, some monsters have a crazy high win rate so they're not even worth fighting against.

2 months play time is still good value if you compare it to other sources of entertainment
Anyone have this?

It looks interesting but I am worried it will turn into another Titanfall. (great for 6 weeks and then dead).
kiral wrote:
Let us know how the zombie trilogy is! I saw the trailer and it seemed cool

It's basically just the campaign on L4D but set in WW2 in an alternate universe. It's a solo / co-op game but unlike L4D in that there is no vs mode so you can only play as the survivors and not the special undead. Which is a shame because the special undead in this are pretty cool.

For $55 bucks it's pretty good. Perfect for a night in with mates and playing it on hard or vs endless waves of zombies in horde mode.
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