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Anyone else watch this?


The Premise

Bo is a bisexual succubus who has to sex people so she can feed on their sex energy, and sometimes she sexes people to death with her sex magic.

Nope, not a porno - just a really weird campy Canadian sci-fi show that takes a whole bunch of mythological creatures and throws them together in a batshit insane way.

We're on Season 4 now, so it's been going for a while. Recommend it for a bit of light viewing. It has some genuinely funny moments, along with sexy ones and sad ones and badass ones. Is also pretty good at representing non-hetero relationships, which is nice to see.
Yeah I discovered this show on SBS (of all channels) and really liked it. By that I mean the stars are hot and the story is tolerable. I then did some reading on the show and found the story arc's worth a decent watch. Been meaning to grab them all off my sister at some stage. For the mean time I'll watch the occasional episode on SBS when I'm up late surfing channels.
how would this show compare to True Blood?
Bo is full of sex energy and Kenzi is downright adorable. I also really enjoy the hobbit bar owner and all the different kind of Fae.

I got about a season and a half into this and enjoyed it, not sure why I stopped though. Pretty sure i've got until half way to season 3 on my drives, will have to catch up when I have some free time. That's probably going to be never for quite a while :(
They've introduced a new dude in the past few episodes.

I get the impression he's not going to be around for long.

But in the meantime...



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