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I thought I would make a new thread for the games coming out on PS4, but don't have their own thread yet for whatever reason.

There's a comprehensive release list here which is updated pretty regularly, but I also found this video that makes them look pretty great.

It's not all AAA titles which is nice, and there were even a few in there I hadn't heard of yet. If you don't have 11 minutes, here's the list of games they cover in the video:

Video Thing wrote:

The Elder Scrolls Online [Q2 2014]
MMO Oblivion

Planetside 2 [Q1 2014]

Drive Club [Mar 03, 2014]
Driving socially with pretty interiors

Thief [Feb 25, 2014]
Grimdark thieving shit

inFamous: Second Son [Mar 21, 2014]
Flame on!

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes [Mar 18, 2014]
Box time [!]

Watch Dogs [Q2 2014]
Hactivist Assassins Creed

Destiny [Sep 09, 2014]

The Crew [Q3 2014]
Open World Racing Bros

Dragon Age: Inquisition [Q3 2014]
Dragons Dragons Dragons

Tom Clancy's The Division [TBA 2014]
Jizz fountain material

The Order: 1886 [TBA 2014]
Ye Olde London & Leather combo

Dying Light [TBA 2014]
Zombie horror survival

Transistor [TBA 2014]
Indie Steampunk title with a talking sword

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number [TBA 2014]
Holy fuck violence extravaganza

The Witness [Q2 2014]
Myst-like indie adventure

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [TBA 2014]
Epic open world RPG

Deep Down [TBA]
WTF Dragons & Dungeons or something

Final Fantasy XV [TBA 2014]
Nuff said

Uncharted [TBA]
GOTY already

Looks like it's going to be a good year :thumbleft:
Quite excited to see Hotline Miami 2 on there, as I loved the fuck out of the first one on PC but it felt like it was made for consoles the whole time.

The little indie games look like a lot of fun too, I assume they'll be on PSN and shouldn't be too expensive.

The Witcher 3 looks like an incredible game, and the first two were supposed to surpass all expectations. I just hope you don't have to have played the previous ones to have a good time.

I'm very interested in the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid games (Uncharted too, but I'll get excited when it's announced) as I haven't played any of the previous games and really feel like I have been missing out.
Im quite keen to get back into a bit of console games so its good to see so many amazing looking games.

Im pretty keen for The Division but Im unsure yet if Ill get it for PS4 or PC. Also InFamous Second Son, Thief, Drive Club, The Crew, Witcher 3, Dragon Age and the indie games looked good. Really they all did but yeah.

You should post when they get released and remind us all Fork!
Time for an update!

(Holy balls, that's a lot of games)

Right click > View Image to view it full size!

The Division is the only console game that I think will make me buy a console (if I don't miss the boat again like I did with Destiny due to being in another country). It certainly seems like the sort of game that will be great to play with you wonderful idiots
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