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Congratulations go to Darkshaunz for winning Post of the Month for November 2013.

Below is the post in its entirety. The original post: 'Re: Noah'.


Darkshaunz wrote:
An excommunicated Roman General is on a mission by God to save him and his family from the floodpocalypse. During his trials to build a ship so inadequately furnished for the impending biological shitstorm, he will count on his family of gifted individuals to aid him:- A wife who was formerly the love interest of a giant green abomination, a son who is actually the firstborn of Poseidon, an adopted daughter who is gifted in the ways of sorcery - and a grandfather who is an escaped serial killer. Travel with Maximus Decimus Meridius, as he and Hannibal Lecter learn the ways of nautical engineering - using vaguely scribed blueprints and constant metaphorical allusions to the Judeo-Christian supreme entity.

With enough oscars between them to power a stargate all the way to the Pegasus galaxy - Paramout Pictures presents, NOAH.
In second place we have SilverClaw with the post: 'Re: Giant Typhoon near the Philippines.'.


SilverClaw wrote:
thorment wrote:
Really am looking forward to this, but at the same time concerned for my relatives who live in easily flooded suburbs...

Heck, my cousin studying medicine is at Cebu studying medicine, and they're the first ones to get hit.

Damn that sucks!

What's he studying?
And in third place we have Darkshaunz with the post: 'Re: Doing SCIENCE!'.


Darkshaunz wrote:
Gunmetal wrote:
reckon any of those 2053 massive explosions may have damaged the environment?

The Earth has seen way more disastrous afflictions in its modest four and a half billion years of existence. Evolved humanity, by comparison - has only existed for about two hundred thousand years. In other words, the nuclear explosions will ultimately only serve to harm the species that initiated them. Mother nature has withstood supervolcanic eruptions that put our biggest hydrogen bombs to shame, conjured plate tectonics that gave birth to entire mountain ranges, and weathered asteroid bombardments so severe that it made our early homeworld look like a red, flaming, pock-marked dread planet.

Ninety nine percent of every species that have ever existed, have gone extinct - via a series of mass extinction events. Our beautiful pale blue dot will be fine, it will regenerate itself, it will reshape itself, and it will dance the elliptical tango alongside our Sun until the end of our solar system. The worries and lamentations of our planet is mostly born out of the hubris of the homo sapiens species. We worry for the planet, but in actuality - we're mostly worried about ourselves. We, well-intentioned or not, elevated ourselves to the role of "Earth's caretaker", when we can't even look after ourselves.

So yes, the tests have damaged the environment conducive to our habitation. But ultimately not enough for our Earth to give a fuck.
Which now brings us to our Posters of the month. These are the people that received the most overall votes for their posts throughout the month.

1) Darkshaunz with a total of 21 votes

2) Fun with a total of 7 votes

3) Spoon with a total of 6 votes

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see even more quality content from everyone next month!

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Wow if it takes only 6 or 7 votes to get a standing that's pretty abysmal. Pick up your game and vote more, jerks!
I only vote if I actually laugh out loud.

Also, why is it a weird layout replying in this thread all the time? Like different buttons etc.?
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