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Got my copy today. I thought the timer would be more of a problem than what I thought it would be. Just arrived at the Wildlands area and I think I might need to use Chronostasis every now and again then. Not spoiling it but you can go to any of the areas right away if you have the gil from the train stations. I recommend palying on Easy as Normal is rather hard. It seems like easy mode is normal, normal is hard and hard (once unlocked) will be extreme.
Played it for couple hours so far, hate the time limit (hate it so much that I haven't really cont' to play) still at 2nd day (normal). Really hate time restriction is kinda real life with deadline.….. I have enough with time restriction in real life why the hell I want it on a game????!?!?!?!

Yeah I know you can abuse chronostasis (stop time for 75 seconds of real-time ONLY)… so you need to go to menu use the skill, play for 75s and then back to menu again... rinse and repeat >.>

Anyway atm I lost interest on playing it, we will see once I get some cheat/hack save just so I can see the story..
Wow. I've only used it a few times and that was in the Wildlands. On "second" playthrough thanks to messing up and died a lot during one boss fight on Day 7. Slept at ins for the remainder of days and started NG+. Kept all stats, weapons, garbs and accessories. Wonder why you're spamming Chronostatis as its not really needed too much.
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