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Hey all, I've collected a large number of reds from the Margaret river and Denmark region this past 6 months and they've been sitting in the darkest coolest place in my apartment: a bottom cabinet in my kitchen.

But the hot Perth summer is incoming and I'm going to buy a wine fridge to regulate the temp to a nice 16 degrees.

I'm looking at this one: … v30sgmebk/

Anyone have a wine fridge and can recommend it?

Also if enough people are keen we can try a to start a bit of a wine club.
Win club sounds awesome. I am currently stuck on Devils lair fifth leg Red. Such a nice drop
I like a nice wine but really don't know enough about it to contribute anything of meaning to a wine club - but if you build it people will come!

In the book i'm reading some rich family had a fancy ass wine cellar installed:

The Strain wrote:
There was also a fourth bathroom, the pantry, and a recently installed temperature-controlled wine cellar. It was European in style, the workers having broken through the basement foundation to create a pure dirt floor.
SilverClaw wrote:

That is an amazing price!

I was looking at getting a wine fridge, back before I moved into my current place (which is too small for one now).
I like this one for the separate doors on the two zones. Wine up top, mead and cider on the bottom.
This one so I could look in at them as I walked past.
Fox Creek The Resolve Shiraz 2012

Bought this off the bat tonight, not knowing anything about this. Excellent drop, recommend
willy wrote:

Also if enough people are keen we can try a to start a bit of a wine club.

I hope this doesn't happen to me after I get married.
Doesn't sound too bad to me actually. As long as they're not too expensive I think it could be pretty fun.
Spoon wrote:
just drink whatever's under the sink and you'll have the same experience

Nonsense, Pine-o-Clean tastes pretty alright.
Fun wrote:
I'd be down for a $10 and under club

That would be alright too. Start organising, willy.
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