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Ventrilo is out, Mumble is in!

Port: 4650
Backup Server:

Download here:

Need Help? Follow Doc's Awesome Setup Guide Here

Admins: Fork, Spoon, Darkshaunz, Docilus, Celenas & Ethnick

If you are missing a channel or want your own user again, let an admin know.

If you see something out of place, or someone in there that shouldn't be, let an admin know.

If your house is getting broken into by an axe wielding murderer, call the police.

Spread the word, tell your friends and share the love.
Had a go at this Mumble business last night with Spoon over a few games of DOTA.

First time I ran through the Audio Wizard my microphone was way too sensitive, I could hear mouseclicks and chair creaks getting transmitted haha.

When I did it again I had to turn down my microphone levels in Control Panel to about 50% and I spent a good few minutes playing with the sliders, trying to get the thresholds right.

I think I have it mostly right now, using 'skype style' audio activation (instead of push to talk) apparently its cutting off the first bit of what I say - anyone else experiencing that? Did it sound like that to you the other day too, Wastey?

Overall I was impressed with Mumble. The audio quality was great, Spoon's usually mumbly-as-fuck voice was nice and clear - so unfortunately I couldn't blame our terrible game of DOTA on miscommunication =/

How is everyone else finding it? Got any issues? Tips when setting it up?
Cheers Doc, let me know when its done and i'll spruce it up and reference it everywhere for you :)
Fun wrote:
Docilus wrote:
I've been working on a how-to guide. If I get time today I'll finish it.

Mumble - The Eorzean Guide!

What the dicks is Eorzea?

Docilus wrote:
The planet on which people are playing Final Fantasy 14.

The guide doesn't seem very...Final Fantasy related though. Seems a bit odd to put it in that forum
I just edited the existing Ventrilo guide, which had FFXIV references throughout. Changed the title name and used the vent instructions as a guide. I've created a themed guide for ventrilo for all the major games Twelve has been involved with.
Thought I would bump this thread to see how it is all going for people.

Locals, internationals, regulars, newbies - report in and let us know how it's going.
In the few days I have used it:

  • I was only kicked off once. I could reconnect with no problems after five minutes - and it remained stable after the boot.
  • It will still be laggy during peak hour usage, sometimes people would break up.
  • My ping is stable around the 250-350 ms range, this is double what I got in vent (140) - but is consistent. I've yet to get 11,500 ping spikes.
  • I really like that it automatically turns down the volume of music/games/apps when someone is talking.
  • Our new mumble server seems a lot more neat compared to our clusterfuck of channels in the old vent. Things are clear, and you know what people are playing.

I think internationals will always get some packet loss issues due to everyone's unique routing to and fro Australia. However, I think giving it another week just for a better idea of the overall stability and reliability is the way to go. Blade's out for this entire week and is only back this weekend - so I'm curious to see how he fares from Canada.

Verdict: Pretty good, but requires another week of monitoring from the international side of things.
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