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Sunday evening after we help everyone get their Chimera/Hydra attunement I will be taking a sight seeing party for the first boss of Coil before the Monday reset. I will stress this is nothing more than a look around but still bring your best game and class. I expect it to last half an hour to an hour tops.

Please express your interest here. I'm thinking of seriously taking a larger look next week.

Current Players/ Roles fulfilled:

-bladearts (Main Tank or Off)
-Wastey Tanking
-Thor Heals/DPS

I'll need another geared tank. Celenas or Wastey do you think you'd be able to make it?

If we cannot fill a full party I will be recruiting pugs from Mor Dhona to fill our empty slots. The mini boss before the first boss requires BRDs to stun so if either Steyr or Shaun can make it that'd be great.
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That final mechanic of the first boss is a real dick move squeenix...
or just let them join together when both really low.

Its a pity I probably won't be there to help you. I do hope to be on tonight, but cannot guarantee it. Good luck brave adventurers.
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