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Between a Rock and Hard Place

Hardmode Titan demands flawless play from all 8 players involved in the fight. The fight is protracted, intense and demands you keep on top of the attack patterns, whilst carrying out your primary functions. Due to this, a large number of pug groups will fail to kill Titan entirely. It is however, by no means impossible - but the scenario you are looking for is that you have experienced players, people in nearly full Darklight and not a single one of you slipping up in the entire encounter. The only margin for error resides in how geared you are, as there is little to no room for error for your own personal gameplay execution. If you expected anything less from the fight that earns you the most powerful in-slot weapon in the game, you will be in for a rude awakening.

I also believe that whilst HM Titan is properly challenging, it is weirdly tuned. From the first 8-man in the story (Cape Westwind) - players are drilled and trained to party as 2 Tanks, 2 Healers and 4 DPS. The fact that 1 Tank and 5 DPS setups are favoured in HM Titan premades is a red flag that Square Enix needs to take notice of. I am thinking that they should replace the gaol phase with an add phase instead. You utilize 2-2-4 for everything including Cape Westwind, Castrum, Praetorium, HM Ifrit and HM Garuda, hence the departure of this formation for HM Titan is not something that really makes sense to me. DF groups should not be penalized for running 2-2-4, they should look into that. I know that it's doable as 2-2-4 - but it's more optimal as 1-2-5 (as mostly all youtube video guides will show this formation), this results in pigeonholing.

My counterpoint is that people that deviate from 2-2-4 should have to face different challenges, as it is clearly a departure from the drilled norm. If you want to run 1-2-5, then maybe the party will take a larger HP hit in the long run, making each geocrush cycle more dangerous. If you want to run 1-3-4, then maybe you will make the heart phase all the more dicier - but allow a larger margin for error as your party can afford to eat a stray plume now and then. Tuning takes time, and Squeenix needs to gather data in this crucial first month of the game. Until then, it will be HM Titan attempts for the rest of us.

Please look forward to it.

Finally after trying so hard this morning (Titan HM) able to defeat Titan, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank you JP!!! (at least from what I experience JP people is more willing to try for couple attempts before leaving, unlike some of the EN people)

still need couple more castrum run before I can get my relic weapon though.
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