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I have every intention of killing Chimera on Sunday when we go to attempt it. Please make sure you have watched this video, so you know what to expect in the fight - do not turn up on Sunday and expect a comprehensive explanation. The video suggests that you bring one tank, two healers and the rest dps.

Fuck that, I'm bringing 2 tanks, 2 heals and 4 deeps into this shit. 1 tank tanks, 1 tank interrupts and 1 bard silences. The rest of us make sure those guys don't die and we kill this ugly piece of shit dead and go do Hydra after it.


Once again, the video recommends 2 tanks, 2 heals and 4 deeps. That is fortunate, because that's what I was going to do regardless of the recommendations in the video.

Tanks get ready to eat an attack called Tri-whogivesashit, which splits the damage between the people wanting to get damage. Unless both tanks get hit by this attack, one of the tanks will die - resulting in children weeping and women wailing. DPS don't get hit by red things, unless you are terrible - in which case you will die and everyone will judge you on vent. Everybody should pile on Hydra when the lizard strolls casually to the middle to cast FEAR ITSELF, if you get hit by this, you will go full retard and then you will die in real life.

See you all on Sunday.
The thing to remember is after the first "fear", he summons a wyvern and does the second fear at close proximity so whilst dpsing the wyvern everyone should make their way to stack at the bottom of the hydra.

If we had more meelee dps we should think about bringing a scholar for the sake of aoe heals because trivarium hurts. After fear itself, every non-tank/meelee should run to the OPPOSITE side of the room because trivarium is cast shortly afterwards.

Limit break should be saved for ranged/healers if the party is in shitstorm, if not DPS can use it to finish off the lizard.
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