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Through a special infusion process, our distillers start with our fine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and then infuse it with natural flavors. The result is the distinctive taste of Jim Beam® complemented with hints of cider, black cherry, cinnamon spice, or honey tea, truly A Different Breed of Bourbon™. Sometimes the uncharted path delivers the greatest rewards.

Red Stag by Jim Beam® bourbon’s smooth, well-rounded taste is delicious mixed, over ice or straight up.

Interesting, I love the normal Jim Beam Black Cherry you can get over here but it's only 30% - this Red Stag stuff is 40% and has more flavours!

The Hardcore Cider flavour sounds interesting, and if the Spiced Cinnamon flavour is anything like Fireball Whiskey it will go down a treat.

Hopefully these will be available in Australia!
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