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So a few days ago I went hunting for some shows that would make me laugh. Trollied was the first I downloaded and right from the first episode I had bouts of hysterical laughter. If you've ever worked in retail or customer service, watching this show just puts light on all the shit bits you've ever dealt with. I've found that I quite enjoy all the members of the cast and that none are shit at acting -which is nice.

Anyway, here is a trailer to perhaps whet the senses.
Yea I liked this show, I saw season 1, haven't watched any more but. It's pretty fuuny
I did watch the first episode of this last night. There were some laughs to be had but not so many I was hanging for the next scene. Twas merely the opening episode though so they did need to waste some time on character introduction.

So far I like the butchers the most and the guy that steals shit is pretty hilarious.
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