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So after reading Ender's Game I decided to follow on with Speaker for the Dead and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3000 years have passed since the last book. In this book Ender is a lot older (35) and has travelled around the galaxy speaking for people and what not.

We meet a new race nicknamed 'piggies' who are being studied by the humans on some random little planet.

The only annoying things about this book are all the new fucking words. I'm pretty sure he just smashed his face on a keyboard whenever he felt like making a new word or name.

All in all, I recommend this book and I'll definitely be reading the third one.
I added a spoiler tag to your post since I thought it was fairly important that that part wasn't known at the start of the book.

When I started it, I was so confused. 'Oh sweet, I'll move onto the next book since Ender's Game was awesome...oh...this one is 3000 years in the future...okay.'

It was really insteresting how they were referring to the events of the first book, but I was sad it wasn't going to continue on with the same characters. Then they revealed Ender and his sister were both still alive and had been travelling at relativistic speeds all this time, hooray!

I thought that was a really cool way for things to fit together. I also thought it was cool how different the book was but how the overarching themes were so important and it followed very importantly from the end of the first book.

As for the naming, there was a part in the prologue that talked about how to pronounce the various Portuguese sounds and it also said at the start of the book that it was a Portuguese I don't think he just made them up. I did find it extremely hard to figure out how to pronounce a lot of it as I was reading though.

The piggy culture and rituals and stuff were all fascinating and I liked the mothers and the ancient trees etc.

Really cool story, even if it was almost 1000% different to the first book.
Oh yeah I finished this a while ago, it was pretty great.

Loved all the sciency stuff, and the protocol in dealing with the new species.

Ender and Valentine were everything I hoped they would grow up to be after the first book and more.

Jane was my favourite part though, what an amazing concept. If there was a book dedicated to her, I would read the shit out of that.
If it's about Jane I'll definitely have to add it to the list.

Just had a very brief glance at the Wiki page and saw a pretty big spoiler.. might have to wait a few months until I forget about that before I pick it up now :(
wait yeah, xenocide is the one after speaker for the dead

meh i still liked children of the mind more i think, it's not really about Jane she still features as heavily as a character though
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