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Not sure how many of you watch shows like these but I love them; seeing fellow human beings chasing their dreams, struggling and overcoming the challenges they face throughout the competition, I can't help but be inspired and moved. Plus becoming connected to these contestants through their journey on these shows really is a magical thing.

And yeah because The X Factor is awesome and I do end up falling in love with some of the performances.

Some of the contestants to look out for:

Shocking how talented this 14 year old boy called Jai Waetford is, watching this video makes it impossible to deny it:

Dam girl, you got IT! Love the judges reactions, that's what you get for judging by appearances =P. Dami Im is awesome and so is her husband!:

Oh Kelebek, <3:


The first live show has aired and dayum, it was awesome, especially when it opened with one of my favourite contestants of the show, the mixed group put together during the bootcamp stage, THIRD D3GREE and them singing #thatPOWER by and Justin Bieber:

Jordan's vocals are a bit weak but he meshes well with Kelebek and Jacinta, if he can improve his vocals through the show a bit, they will be quite the dangerous group within The X Factor. Also as I said before, <3 Kelebek, she is amazing and I find her incredibly HOT O.o. It was an amazing and energy filled performance of and Justin Beiber's #thatPOWER but not my favourite, my favourite would definitely be Judith Hill's version she did on The Voice US - she totally rewrote the whole song and actually made it listenable (to me), it was sensationally good! Can't believe Judith didn't win but I suppose Americans are unfortunately head over heels for their country music =/. So glad that now I have two versions of the #thatPOWER song which I can LISTEN to =).

Anyway NOW for the ACTUAL best performance of the night from the k-pop lover, Dami Im. I love Dami Im she has such a captivating and powerful voice, can't believe the judges didn't put her through bootcamp (I was EXTREMELY devastated when she didn't get through) and the only reason she got to the top 24 was because another contestant pulled out - I would say lucky her but what really needs to be said is LUCKY US! Dami Singing "One" by U2:

For a song she didn't know, she performed and SANG it so amazingly, can't believe it! Also Dami's new look is amazing and that quirky side of her, sexy. You can check out her youtube channel if you want - Dami Singer (subscribe like me =D).

Oh yeah, I guess I should post the video of Jai as well even though I didn't think it was all that great of a performance - Jai singing "Fix You" by Cold Play:

My initial thoughts when hearing the song by Jai was 'hmmmm, the beat and fireworks have more character then him', but after 5 listens I suppose it was a good performance =/. Still sad that The X Factor Australia are plugging Jai so much, especially when there are other contestants who are currently much better then him. I admit Jai has an immense amount of talent but he just seems too young to market him so strongly above other performers (who are much better then his current self).

And yeah since I also like Joelle and her personality a lot, I'll link to her song in the live - Joelle - "Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch.

You can check more videos of The X Factor Australia season 5 here.
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(The theme was musical "Legends").

I can't believe that voice came from a human body, just wow. Dami "hell yes, the competition if so yours" Im singing "Purple Rain" by Prince:

#DAMIARMY members unite!!

Third D3GREE were also great, love their energy on stage - singing " Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears

I was disappointed with Joelle's performance this live show. I like her personality and the tone of her voice a lot but she seems to be becoming more timid then what she shown during the auditions, bootcamp and home visits =/. Most likely the random song choice. Joelle singing "Rude Boy" by Rihanna.

Overall for this second live show, there were quite a lot of bad song choices for the contestants although there were some memorable ones. A lot of the contestants seem understandably to be lacking confidence which can be felt through their performances, hopefully they step it up in the coming weeks because they are getting left behind. Lets hope the Australian public use their brains when voting, *fingers crossed*.

And yeah, the group Adira Belle got eliminated last week, if you were interested...
Cat Vas got eliminated last week which was sad, there were several weaker performances then hers but thanks to those contestants fangirls they weren't burdened with having to sing for their spots (fangirls are dangerous...).

Theme tonight was top 10 hits.

They should just give Dami the X Factor title already and call the show the Dami Factor because she is incredible. Ronan was being a bastard the entire show, glad this shut him up and caused him to bang his fist against the desk. Dami singing "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston - yay disco Dami!

This was the second last performance of the night but after this I felt so satisfied that I almost turned of the TV forgetting that there was still one more performance left. Hahah it was strange. Anyway Dami's two previous songs ranked within the top 20 Aus itunes chart last week so I will be interested to see how her songs rank this week, especially this one.

Third D3GREE opened the Live Show again today performing Jessie J's "Wild" and they did a great job like always. Cool how Jacinta managed to cover up her microphone falling off mid-performance. Didn't notice it in my first watch through.

Taylor also had very good performance - a song he is comfortable with, yay, Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait":

I watched the initial auditions of this and have seen bits and pieces since (I live with two girls...) and I have to say. They are pretty much all hacks and the ones that do show promise are given such shitty songs to sing. I thought Cat was pretty decent, but X-Factor isn't really a way to make a decent career I reckon. She should take it upon herself to continue on to something; find a writer and a band etc., then really try to make it.

I thought some of the stupidest decisions were letting two people through that had been through last year - those are the ones that won't make it because they aren't aiming higher.
SilverClaw wrote:
No idea how you can watch this garbage. The constant screaming teenage girls does my head in, it makes the vuvuzela sound like mozart.

I have an iPad. I also don't have a choice most of the time what's on tv. It's painful, but I can also tune out when I want to. Well, and sometimes there actually is some good talent.
SilverClaw wrote:
No idea how you can watch this garbage. The constant screaming teenage girls does my head in, it makes the vuvuzela sound like mozart.

I don't really notice the screams when the performances are on =/.

Anyway I quite enjoy watching The X Factor, well more then enjoy, I find myself incredibly inspired by it.
Ah it feels so good when Sunday rolls around, because I know as soon as I wake up that I'll have The X Factor to look forward too =D. Today's theme was 'Latest and Greatest'.

Dami once again smashed it, four out of four standing ovations so far - "Roar" by Katy Perry:

How the hell does she sing that amazingly live? Those vocals, AMAZING. Once again the stylist has her dressed up in something wacky and those red ninja dancers, how weird. Also red lipstick on the teeth again, how cute. Smart of the producers to have Dami sing last because if she sang first, many viewers would just switch the TV off after seeing Dami perform.


When Dami gets into the flow of the song, she transcends merely performing a song and it feels more like she is living it. Hah what Cat Vas said in her 'The Morning Show' interview about Dami's confidence not merely being a straight confidence thing but one which stems from the love of singing (and people) which translates into her being able to express herself fully in her songs was right on point. Geez the more I think about it the more I see Dami as some character from a manga because she really does seem like one of those shounen heroes/heroines, hell she even has that quirky side to match.

I know The X Factor is a show which mainly deals in trying to showcase the contestants as being able to perform popular songs and having versatility but I wonder if we will get some songs that centers around Dami's musical training - she is classical versed being able to play the piano and violin. I would love to hear her perform a jazz song in The X Factor, her original song 'moon' was amazing:

Anyway I've never done drugs before but if I did, I now know what it might feel like, because I am addicted to Dami Im. Having replayed her previous weeks performances already 100+ times each and today's one about 30+ times, I find myself so sad that I now have to wait another week for her next X Factor performance =(. Ah I even registered a twitter account just so I could follow her twitter page and the #DAMIARMY page.

THIRD D3GREE tried something different this week and I quite enjoyed it - 'I Love The Way You Lie' by Rihanna ft. Eminem:

Sure there were a lot of vocal issues with the performance but the emotions, dam, I felt that. The intro so reminds me of the version from the first season of The Voice AUS:

(Sad that Mitchell didn't advance to the live finals in the boy's category in this years X Factor).

Anyway now to look forward to Monday (which is already now, need to sleep...) for the results, Fridays for the contestants video diaries and next Sunday O.o.
It was ROCK week this week on The X Factor and all the contestants were put outside their comfort zones. It was sad that NONE of the contestants had rock as their singing genre, because rock is cool, but that didn't stop some from standing out. Also just a bit of an observation I have about this years The X Factor Aus but almost all the top 12 contestants suffered from insecurity and lack of confidence issues. It's the first time for me seeing so many contestants in a LIVE show stage for The X Factor or a similar type of singing competition show suffer from such problems so deeply. Maybe it is just the way the clips are being delivered but the one things holding each contestant back is themselves.

Anyway when I found out Dami was going to sing Foo Fighters "Best Of You", I wondered how exactly she would pull it off. I felt that she had the voice to match the song but to match the RAW emotions the song brutally unleashes through Dave Grohl's awesome vocals? I wondered dangerously. Considering rock is so out of Dami's musical character, she did absolutely incredibly in her performance tonight:

She nailed the emotions of that song phenomenally. The dynamics produced when her voice shifted from her usual pure nature to releasing its raw emotive power was so refreshing and sensational. Dami doesn't naturally have a rock voice, but that so sounded rock to me. What an insanely versatile voice. And to think that Dami hasn't even gotten the chance to perform the type of music she normally performs. If she is already wiping the floor with the other contestants performing (and sometimes learning) songs completely unfamiliar to her, what will happen when she gets to perform songs she's more familiar performing? I can't wait to see, but geez, Dami could open a dictionary and sing it and it'd be amazing.

(Also Dami's four live performance songs were all in the Australian top 100 itunes chart last week, I wonder if all five will enter the top 100 this week).

Anyway, whoever chose that outfit for Dami, I really do wonder about their state of mind because that and rock really don't go together at all but Dami still rocked that outfit.

Third D3gree's creative usage of their combined talents singing "By The Way" were quite magical and created something really entertaining:

Taylor as well, he had a good night. Not really rock ROCK but "Choir Girl" by Cold Chisel was sung beautifully:

So Joelle got eliminated last week which was a total rage-fest shame. Couldn't believe she was in the bottom two that week when she had one of the best performances of the live that week. But as a f-you to the judges the fans of Joelle managed to get Joelle's version of Concrete Blonde's "Joey" song to peak at #3 on the Australian itunes chart the next day (above Red Foo's "Let's Get Ridiculous).

(Joelle's cover of Joey is currently #74 on the Aus itunes chart).

Sad that all the bad song choices which Red Foo gave Joelle to sing (party songs) was what hurt Joelle's chances in the competition. When she finally gets a song she can sing, she gets voted off, hahah, a joke of sadistic proportions.

Anyway this weeks Live show theme was HEROES week. The contestants sang songs by their families musical heroes:

Dami smashed it once again. She sang Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. Just sublime:

Interesting that Red Foo didn't get this song. I get what he is trying to say but not all songs need to be party tunes =/. Sometimes rather then wanting a song to pierce you, you just want it to wash over you like an embrace full of love and that is what Dami's performance of this song accomplished. It holds extremely true for those in emotionally sensitive states, because the lyrics are very relevant.

Anyway Red Foo's comments may have been a good thing because it sparked some fire within the DamiArmy fans and inspired them to help the song rise the ranks in the Australian itunes chart. As of right now Dami Im's cover of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' is RANKED #1 ON THE AUS ITUNES CHART!


On top of her latest song being ranked #1 in the chart, all her other five songs are ranked within the top 100. At this moment:

#28 Dami Im - Purple Rain
#35 Dami Im - Roar
#47 Dami Im - Don't Leave Me This Way
#49 Dami Im - One
#52 Dami Im - Best Of You

Dami is pretty much slaughtering everyone in the competition and on social media, but at the moment Dami's only competition seems to be Taylor Henderson. His performance of Daryl Braithwaite's 'Horses' was really good, I enjoyed it:

That song is currently ranked #5 on the itunes chart. His cover of Choir Girl is ranked #41 and his cover for "I Will Wait" is at #84.

Third D3gree's performance yesterday of Micharl Jackson's Smooth Criminal wasn't all that great (not many people can successfully do a MJ song justice because Michael Jackson was that good of a musician). They were in the bottom two today and were given a chance to redeem themselves and boy did they do that. Love this performance. Nat should take note of what song they chose to sing themselves and next week choose a song that compliments them.

I'm extremely impressed by Jordan, his vocals have improved SO MUCH since his audition. Jacinata is a beast as usual with that insane voice of hers and Kelebek's rap, my goodness, that was amazing. Love it. One of their best performances without a doubt.

And yeah JTR got eliminated today. Six acts remain.

The Grand Final was tonight - Dami, Tyler and Jai. Each of the contestants performed three songs; their audition song, their winners single song, and a final song chosen by their mentors.

Dami once again proves just why she is a Pacific Ocean ahead of the other contestants. And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson (from Dreamgirls):

Her winner's single song - Alive (will be her release single if she wins):

Her audition song - Hero by Marie Carey:

Dami's biggest competition is Jai and his massive zombie fangirl following that defies logic, reason, humanity and the very fabrics of the universe (I mean this all in a good way =D). Fangirls are an abnormality and something so so overwhelming...they got Jai through to the Grand Final even though he forgot his lyrics to one of his songs in the semi-final (such a shame Third D3gree had to suffer the consequences of fangirls existing).

Hell Dami even eclipsed One Direction who were on earlier in the show, she should be given the title just for that...

Anyway after following social media (twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram) so extremely closely these past few months, I have noticed among the things I have come to love about the internet, the internet serves also as a cesspool of disdain, indifference, irrationality, derision and professed hatred governed by no logic all hidden behind the delusionary protection of anonymity. Certain people who occupy the endless network known as the internet are motivated by such intense negativity that even the most piercing logic and best attempts at a 'middle-ground' all finds itself evaporated into smoke before such reasonless animosity. The absurd head of ego bears it vitiating fangs when cloaked behind this shield called 'anonymity'. "Trolling" can exist is such extreme interesting.

Back to the competition, while I do agree that Taylor and Jai are extremely talented individuals, I believe Dami is that much better. The versatility, growth and international appeal she has shown throughout the competition has given me little to doubt my belief that she WILL be big. Hopefully the rest of Australia feel the same.
What a fantastic season of The X Factor Australia. The contestants were amazing and you can really feel the love and respect they have for one another. I will miss The X Factor Australia a lot but I'm happy, so very happy. I wish all the contestants the very best for their futures, I will be keeping an eye out for them and their music.

So the winner of The X Factor Australia season 5 has been crowned. Dami Im ladies and gentlemen (Taylor as the runner-up and Jai in third place). It's twistedly funny how she almost didn't make it through to the home visits, but what is meant to be is meant to be. Australia agrees with fate and has reciprocated their emotions in kind by voting for the source of their inspiration and movement.

The thing about Dami is that your soul is still held captive by her resonating voice long after the song has ended. Along with having a piercing voice, it embraces your soul as well.

'Alive' #1 on the Aus itunes chart baby!!!


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