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Ever have a bed bug problem?

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Never had a problem with these little pests before but I found an adult one on my bed recently. Of course with one there's a bunch you never see. It's freaking me out. I have to call an exterminator to check for more and all sorts of expensive things to get rid of them. At least it's only a small infestation because I've never noticed bites before and this seems like a recent thing. Shit deal living in apartments and I have to find out if my landlord will pay for the costs. I mean if they can live for up to 18 months there's a good chance they might have been the previous tenants since I have only lived here for about 9 months.

Have any of you ever dealt with them? How did you get rid of the problem quickly? They ever come back?

The worst part is I'm planning on moving to another province soon and I have no idea how to safe guard all my personal belongings so I don't bring them a long with me. Might have to bin most of my furniture and definitely the bed.

Thinking of sleeping on a futon in a storage closet lol.
Had bedbugs when I was staying at a hostel in Croatia, and they were a fucking nightmare. Worst was that they felt like they were eating me alive but when you turn on the light the fuckers weren't there, felt like I was losing my mind and if it wasn't for the red sores all over my legs I would have just assumed I had.

Not much in the way of advice, but definitely don't sleep in the bed if you think they're there and get the sheets off immediately. Also consider burning your bed as a sacrifice to their blood god.
I think it was only a year or two ago that I learned bed bugs were even real things. I'd thought they were some sort of nightmare fuel made up to terrify kids for unknown reasons
Get rid if your bed as soon as the place is bombed ...which by the way, isn't super effective. They're pretty resilient, but kill able. My mate had some and ditched his bed after a bombing and I think it helped.
It's something you need to act on immediately.

According to some basic research, your best bet is to order in some food-grade Diatomaceous Earth and just put it around your room, cracks in the wall, places where it's dark, and also underneath your furniture. Basically, the stuff sticks to the little critters and dehydrates them until they die.

Most people are surprisingly resistant to bed bug bites, so you may be getting bitten many times without having any sort of allergic reaction. If you see one, then it's a good chance that you have at least a minor infestation on your hands.
From something that was almost wiped out by the fifties, they are now becoming a world wide problem again, I remember my grandmother telling me that her bed had to stand in 4 kerosene tins full of water to stop the bugs getting to her bed.

Apparently DDT is the single most effective killer for them, but as we all know DDT kills us as well
Burn everything. Clothes, bed, bags, books, shave your head, ass and balls and evacuate immediately. I'm not even joking. Get the fuck out while you still have your sanity.

I've personally never had them, but I've heard/seen some absolute horror stories.
Dirty heathen! I will not shake your hand if I meet you..

Poor bugger, never had them or anyone I know. I like to think they are still a myth.
I was fortunate enough to no come in contact with them while backpacking but they're a gross little bunch. It's hard to get rid of them. Best of luck to you.
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