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Possibly, but in the video you see him taking the lid off easily, then the level might be just so it has a solid grip and doesn't leak.

Here's hoping anyway, though I'd be surprised if they don't have something that will make reuse impossible =/

Mine got delivered today so it's waiting at home, will be able to set it up and cool it overnight.
I can all but guarantee that the bottles will be pressurised some how. They most likely have a CO2 cannister in them or something and it has to be regulated so you don't have too much pressure at the beginning of the bottle, which was the problem with the Heiny kegs. Let us know when you get home tonight.

In any case, they are fucking expensive. Most likely because of the cost of making each bottle with a CO2 cannister inside, which means they won't get any cheaper.
A coworker who's off today just tapped his and said there's a CO2 canister in the lid which is unfortunate. Also said it tastes fucking amazing though, and he got the XXXX so that's saying something ;)

From my calculations after buying the frontage, it's equal cost or the tiniest bit more expensive than buying a case.
$42 for 6.4L at Dan Murphy's for Super Dry twin pack 2 x 3.2L. $42 for a case of Super dry at a total of 330mL x 24 = 7.92L.

-42/6.4 = $6.56 per Litre for the keg

-42/7.92 = $5.30 per Litre for the case.

-6.56 x 0.33 = $2.16 per beer for the keg

-5.3 x 0.33 = $1.75 per beer for the case

It's actually not as bad as I first thought. If you buy a twin pack anyway...
Clownshoes wrote:
Fucking pat yourself on the back whoever is doing tap king's marketing hey?

Heaven forbid people will want to try something different.

I think with the Golden Ale the margin is even smaller Jim, 20c difference per beer.
Cooled down the bottles overnight and tapped the keg and had a bevvy thismorning.


Definitely gas in the bottle - in the instructions it says to twist off the lid before recycling so it must be in there somewhere.

Hopefully someone reverse engineers the gas part so we can just replace them on existing bottles for homebrew and shit ;)

First pour was 80% head in a tiny glass (as it was 8am) but 5 minutes later when I topped it up it poured perfectly. Might just need to leave it for a few minutes after tapping for the gases to equalise or some shit.

Golden Ale tastes delicious, much better than the stubbies I had last night over dinner.

Consistently pours well now too, i've been testing it a fair bit this afternoon.
Bain wrote:
There's a canister inside the bottle.. I opened mine up to see..

So this is the first pour..

Tap King - Froth Edition


Bain wrote:
Having been a bar tender for quite a number of years (my family used to manager pubs - still do) it's all to do with the pour (speed) and angle of the glass.

If its frothy you're either not holding the glass at the right angle, the beer could be warm or you are doing a combination of terribleness.

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