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Fork wrote:

First poster, so this shit is actually happening?

Trailer is going to be aired at blizzcon this month.

There have been two teasers that have been shown at comicon and game expos but not released.

I'm pretty excited but God dam that tag line is shit and the orc colouring seems wrong.
willy wrote:
Spoon wrote:
Do you actually expect this movie to be good?

It has been talked about for a long time, probably gone through a whole bunch of writers before even getting an approved draft, changed directors multiple times, has no confirmed actors attached and will be heavily CGI laden.

Just sounds like one long disaster of a movie to me.

I also wonder how much financing they have, seems like it'd be the sort of thing that could be quite awesome with a massive budget, but at that stage they'd probably be funding themselves instead (which would be a major risk).

I think it will be a commercial success but in terms of a memorable movie you'll watch again... Too early to tell. I'm curious as to what the main story arc will be. I've kept up with lore developments and it's mostly just been closing off of storylines opened in the rts's. The only thing I can think of is a return of Sargeras with Azshara involved and they release the movie simultaneously with the final expansion. In terms of timeline irl it would fit their content release method. We have maybe 12months left of MoP... Next expansion 90-95 18months. Final expansion 95-100 SARGERAS. That's 2.5 years to get the movie right. Sounds right?

Fucking called it.
This being entirely CGI is a bit of a bummer, I think it could have been really cool as live action. Hopefully it's still cool regardless, but I'm not overly optimistic about this one.
willy wrote:
Spoon wrote:
Fork wrote:
Prior to Jones' involvement, the World of Warcraft movie was planned to film under director Sam Raimi. He departed the project after undertaking the filming of Oz: The Great and Powerful.

a) That film has already released and this one isn't even in production yet

b) He did a terrible job, so I guess they dodged a bullet

I imagine this thing will be pretty awful, but I guess that depends on how much CGI they end up using

Mr Positivity.

I see you haven't changed much, Spoon.
Not when it comes to this forever-in-development movie, no.

I'd love to be pleasantly surprised but the timeline of this production seems to indicate all the hallmarks of what will become a glimmering turd.

Trailer is out.

First reaction: mmm cgi doesn't look that crash hot, hope they polish it. Also, how much of the plot did the trailer give away? All of it? If so, incredibly shallow storyline...not much? Alllright.

No nelfs, dwarves or gnomes spotted. I think I saw a big old frostwolf and maybe an orge...but no trolls or tauren.
That looks like it could be a good bit of fun. Let's hope.

The CGI looks a bit ridiculous in the off putting way it was in Oz: The Great and Powerful. I don't think it can ever not be that way (with current technology anyway) when everything in the scene is CGI besides the humans which seems to be roughly every scene considering this is high fantasy. Hopefully it just doesn't become too jarring and immersion breaking while watching it.
I hope they don't ruin this like they did with WoD.

HA!! i really want it to not be terrible...
I want this to be good so we get sequels and other blizzard movies. StarCraft universe is ripe for movies!

A lich king movie would be fucking boss.
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