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Job requirements updated.

I thought I would chuck the information into 1 location for easier access. This is a work in progress, and more will be added as I discover more info.
Our Guild -

Classes (only Disciples of War)

Archer - Gridania
Job: Bard (lvl30 Archer and lvl15 Pugilist) - Ranged physical DPS and Buffs
    Black Mage (lvl30 Thaumaturge and lvl15 Archer) - Ranged elemental damage and some crowd control

Gladiator - Ul'dah
Job: Paladin (lvl30 Gladiator and lvl15 Conjurer) - Tank
    Warrior (lvl15 Gladiator and lvl30 Marauder) - Tank

Lancer - Gridania
Job: Dragoon (lvl30 Lancer and lvl15 Pugilist) - Mobile melee physical DPS
    Monk (lvl15 Lancer and lvl30 Marauder) - Melee elemental and physical DPS

Marauder - Limsa Lominsa
Job: Warrior (lvl30 Marauder and lvl15 Gladiator) - Tank
    Monk (lvl15 Lancer and lvl30 Marauder) - Melee elemental and physical DPS

Pugilist - Ul'dah
Job: Monk (lvl30 Pugilist and lvl15 Lancer) - Melee elemental and physical DPS
    Bard (lvl30 Archer and lvl15 Pugilist) - Ranged physical DPS and Buffs

Thaumaturge - Ul'dah
Job: Black Mage (lvl30 Thaumaturge and lvl15 Archer) - Ranged elemental damage and some crowd control
    Job: Summoner (lvl30 Arcanist and lvl15 Thaumaturge) – Pet + caster dps

Conjurer - Gridania
Job: White Mage (lvl30 Conjurer and lvl15 Arcanist) - Heals
    Paladin (lvl15 Conjurer and lvl30 Gladiator) – Tank

Arcanist - Limsa Lominsa
Job: Summoner (lvl30 Arcanist and lvl15 Thaumaturge) – Pet + caster dps
    Scholar (lvl30 Arcanist and lvl15 Conjurer) – Pet + heals


Titles are obtainable in FFXIV:RR by completing a specific set of requirements, eg: the title of "Flamelord" is gained by earning 100,000 seals for the 'Immortal Flames' grand company.

Shared Abilities

Due to characters being able to possess several classes, Every ability in the game lists which classes can use them. Although this might seem like a huge boost, there is a limit to how many of the cross-class abilities that you can have "equipped" to your character. Whilst as a pure class, you can have at maximum 10 abilities (at lvl50) from other classes, these will unlock over time. When you advance your class into a job (eg: Bard), the amount of cross-class abilities is only 5. In this Google Document, you can find a table of the abilities that each class can currently use.


Upon starting the game, you will be started on the main story quest. In addition to this, there are several other forms of quests. The 'Duty Finder' is the easiest way to access some of this content as it can be done from anywhere in the world. But you must remain the same class from sign up, this prevents a bad group composition.
Guildhests and Trials are also accessible from the duty finder, If you skipped over the Duty Finder link, you will have missed an explanation of this, but essentially, they are an easy way to level whilst questing as you return to the same location as where you left from.
Dungeons can also be accessed this way (once unlocked by locating the dungeon) and as mentioned before, once signed up you cannot change your class (you will be kicked from the queue if you do). It should also be noted that dungeons are timed.
Early Dungeon guides here
There are also certain NPC's (Levemetes) found throughout the world that give you side quests and leves. Guildleves are sort or limited. You receive 3 'allowances' per 12 hours up to a maximum of 100. This means that you can store points up whilst you are busy at work, and then do some when you have time (and rested xp if in a city). There are 3 types of leves (to suit the 3 types of classes);
Battlecraft leves: which generally involve killing;
Fieldcraft leves: normally involves gathering and
Tradecraft leves: which require crafted components.
Lastly, there are also FATE's. These are comparable to the 'hearts' from guild wars 2, and they are supposedly dynamic events which can provide you with some extra xp if you participate whilst in the area. If your level is too high for the FATE, be sure to synchronize your level in order to receive credit.

Maps and Locations

There are diferent way to use your maps, I myself do not use the minimap that is on the hud, but use a shrunk down version of the usable map ('m' by default). although this can show you where you need to go for quests, It is often difficult to find the right place for mobs for your hunting log or even the right level mobs to grind on (chaining them for bonus xp is very rewarding). The link here contains the maps for the entire game, the pictures are not the fastest to load, but here are links to the major cities and their local 'suburbs'.
Limsa Lominsa


A realm reborn also has an Achievements system, most people are familiar with either WoW or Guild wars 2 in the fact that performing an achievement, grants points. A realm reborn follows this tradition, but also has added in physical rewards for certain achievements too. Eg: completing the achievement "The Greatest Tales Ever Told" requires you to complete 4 other achievements regarding finishing certain quests. The reward for this is "Chronicler's Crown


Chocobo Rentals - These are essentially the flight paths of A Realm Reborn. as you get to a new quest hub, be sure to grab these. the handy thing about these is that you can even dismount from them mid trip. So if you see a fate you want to do, or was heading to a wrong location (so easy to do), just right click the buff that it gives you when you first purchase the rental.
Chocobo Mount - Upon completing the main story quest "Hero in the Making" (lvl20 ish), you should be able to join a grand company and using company leves, start working towards 1000 company seals. Once you have done this and completed the quest "My Little Chocobo", you will have a whistle that you can use to summon your chocobo mount. Head to this Guide for more details.
Aetherites - These come in 2 sizes, big and small. The small ones are located within cities and connect to each other within thier own city. It's hand to grab these as you come across them as they can speed up getting from 1 side of the city to the other later on. The larger aetherites are linked together to some degree and are used by 2 abilities that are on your menu bar, "Return" and "Teleport".
    Return will teleport you to your 'home' aetherite whereever you may have it set (by default it is your starting town and I recommend keeping it that way until at least lvl20).
    Teleport will cost gil of varying amounts depending on your distance from the target location. The entire party will be given the option to teleport with you when you cast this, however if they are in combat or are already casting teleport or return, they will not be able to. You can have up to 3 favourite locations, these are significantly cheaper than normal and I reccomend that you favourite an aetherite near each of the different cities (if your home is a city, although it would take longer, using return and using the ship).
Inter-city Ship - The ship is located in each city and once you have completed enough of your story quest (it will send you to the other cities) you will then be able to freely travel to other cities for only 200 gil.


Crafting is affected by 2 stats, "Craftsmanship" which affects the amount of progress each synthesis while "Control" affects how much quality you gain. As the item difficulty increases, you require more and more of those stats. When attempting to lvl a particular craft, you will want to maximize the amount of quality without destroying the item. Another thing to look at is the condition of an item. as it goes from poor>average>good>excellent the amount of quality gained increases. This video guide explains the process of crafting in more detail.


Dyes can be obtained after reaching lvl 15 and completing a quest near the city of ul'dah. Before leaving Ul'dah, buy an orange juice then head north west to Vesper Bay (past Horizon). Once you have completed the quest, you can find a dye vendor in each of the major towns; Nanabe in Ul'dah, Alaric in Gridania and 'insert name' in shittown (limsa).


Materia is similar to gems in many other games. Some items you equip will have slots for materia. Before you can make materia, you first need to complete the quest "Life, Materia and Everything" (lvl20 story quest). To create materia, get a 100% spiritbound item and use the 'Materia Assimilator' you obtained from the quest mentioned earlier. Depending on the type of gear and item level, different materia will be created, generally, if you use your own classes gear, you will obtain a materia that is related to your main stat. When doing this, the item is destroyed.
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thorment wrote:
steyr thaumaturge can become dragoon? :O

also maybe we can have a list of who's plannin on going what (class, jobs) so we can see who we're leveling with

Oli - Pugilist
Celenas/Kryta - Gladiator
Syphin - Conjurer
Sanic - Lancer
Steyr - Best Class
Bladearts - Best Class
Myself - Best Class
Docilus - Thaumaturge
Salin - Marauder a.k.a Genghis Khan
Ethnick wrote:
Good job there Shaunz i also think we should figure out everyones job they are going. I'll be a dragoon

Salin will be pretty lonely in Pirate Whoreland. At least for the first 15 levels of the game.

Being Genghis Junior is suffering.
I still want to give Arcanist a go, as it wasn't in the last beta.
I believe arcanist can become either summoner or scholar and im guessing it will start at limsa (This info was also in the OP though)
Wanted to bump this thread with information on new information regarding attainable player titles.

Some pretty sweet ones here, but they will definitely require a lot of accumulated effort.

Go here for the full list:

Some of my favourite ones:

    Cavalier (Buy all 3 Chocobo bardings)
    Lord Protector (Clear 5,000 regional levequests - fucking hell)
    Peacemaker (Clear 100 faction levequests)
    Serpentbringer // Serpentcarrier // Serpentlord (Order of the Twin Adder Grand Company quests etc)
    the Serpentsworn (Clear 200 levequests for snake people)
    the Godsbow (Obtain a Atermis Bow in the quest "A Relic Reborn")
    the Reaper (A bunch of goddamn jap moonrunes I can't read)
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