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We all know that wotlk, cata, and pandaria sucked massive dick. It's a fact. Shut up, I'm right.

Soooooo, have any of you guys tried rolling on the Feenix servers? They have vanilla/TBC content servers and it's fucking FREE! I rolled a few weeks ago on their Emerald Dream server, and let me tell you: ITS FUCKING FUN!

Emerald Dream's server features
-Blizzlike experience rate x1 (Holy fuck it takes forever to level. I'm lvl 29 at 2 days, 2 hours played.)
-Blzzlike reputation, weapon skills, and profession grinding.
-Decent pathfinding
-Scripted raids/instances
-High populated server, peaks at 1,500 players online.
-Progression is capped atm at MC/BWL/Ony, even though it's patch 1.12 (They slowly release content based on the server's progressions)
-The server is pretty stable, hardly any downtime.
-No hackers, donations for gold/gear, or shitty voting system. It's a pretty legit blizzlike server

They have other realms with an instant 60 option, or 14x experience rate, and even a TBC realm with 14x xp rate.

Contact List

Popolo = Kaleh, Brotector
Willy = Strongboar
Jimmiy = Jimsim
Wiing = Wiing
Aussiedragon = Drowranger
Doc = Wantcatgirls (wtf)
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Strongboar - Dwarf Paladin
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Flap wrote:
I'll check this out :) Are you on the BC or Vanilla realm?

I'm lvl6 right now. Really enjoyed dying - few times hah
Ok so played this for about 5 hours so far.

Lvl10 Femdwarf holy pally.

Server: really stable, good ping and no real issues. Occasionally there is a mob that is unattackable and some spawn points there are multiple. Otherwise everything is exactly the same as Vanilla WoW. The community itself is lively, lots of talking on general chats, Ironforge is full and lots of people forming groups. At end game there is a tonne of pug groups formed for the usual dungeons and raids.

I've died loads of times because the game is hard. It's been really fun so far, the game being challenging.

If anyone is thinking about playing you can find me online a bit today. Can a MOD maybe change the title of this thread to "Vanilla WoW Server".
Lvl17. Now I'm off to site for a week. If you're interested in a free mmo before some of the newer ones get released imminently (FF AAR) or later this year (W*) or next year (TESO) then this should be considered.

I've got a friends list with 6 new people on it that I met in game and have subsequently grouped with a number of times past that. In 17 lvl's this private server has achieved the community social aspect that WoW has lost due to the difficulty curve being smoothed.

It's next update I've heard is in 2-3 months with the AQ event, that's time to get into the game and start building up your character.

See you next week if you're playing ;)
anyway to get mods for this? I would like extra bars and shit
On the official forums for emerald dream there is a UI and AddOns forum with a sticky for a download that has about 60meg of vanilla mods.

Edit: I'll add that this isn't just someone's interpretation of wow 1.0, it's vanilla that you don't have to pay for, everything is the same.
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