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Ron Livingston in space

I just started watching and enjoying this. It's basically a relationship drama but set firmly against a sci-fi space exploration backdrop.

It's set ~50 years in the future and has some cool stuff in it (including hot women).

It also has a mysterious alien presence running throughout it which is pretty interesting.

It only lasted for one season but I'm just going to think of it as a really long mini-series.

Anyone else seen this? What did you think?
I watched it ages ago loved it.

Good actors, storyline, sets, ideas. Some really cool ideas.

From memory, I loved the nonchalant "ok this alien shit is happening, we'll just fool the entire world with fake cam feeds" from the NASA (or equivalent) guys.

Even the story happening back on Earth interested me because it was set just in the future where where things are a bit different.

Make sure you read what would have happened next after you finish watching it - the spoilers link is at the bottom and gives some closure.
I just finished this and thought it was very enjoyable. Reading the 'what would have happened next' stuff was great, thanks Fork.

It certainly explained a bunch of questions (some that I didn't even realise I was wondering) and sounded like it would have been a cool story progression, with one giant pre-planned, series-spanning arc.

Oh well, the season we got was good and that's more than a lot of shows can say.
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