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Tinder :llama:
I use Tinder as a "hot or not" thing to waste time on my breaks at work...and its scares the shit out of me. The past 3-4 people I've matched with have all shot straight for sex within the first 3-4 messages back and forth. I guess that's what it's used for, but still can't get over it. I also don't feel like getting any STDs and i'm really not that thirsty for the V
The one app I miss from Windows since moving to OS X is now available. OneNote.
It's like Evernote, except replace 'tedious' and 'messy' with 'logical' and 'visual'.

I believe it's available on pretty much every platform now, too.

  • Trello is a Kanban board which even the technologically illiterate can use easily. Its existence is greatly appreciated
Time for a thread bump!

I'm always looking for apps that do things better, and my latest find is Due.

It's basically a to do list, but you can set up recurring reminders so it pretty much bugs you until you get something done. Those are optional, but very handy for someone who dismisses a notification when they're busy then forgets about it forever like me.

It also has countdown timers and a slick interface that makes setting the time nice and easy which is customisable so you can make the defaults times, such as when you wake up, get to work, about to finish work, get home, etc.

Also since OP:
  • Wunderlist got scrapped as I'm using Trello for project planning
  • Still using Clear for small lists like shopping, what to watch, misc ideas or quotes
  • Also still using Simplenote for larger notes or lists like the car service logs, list of slow cooker recipes, etc
  • Got the new Fantastical 2 when it came out and it's great like its predecessor

Have you found anything great that makes life easier?
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