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Beefy if you are getting those screencaps from Twitter you can actually use Twitter bbcode which is a lot more helpful - lets people click on images and the poster etc.


(to get the URL I just right click on the Tweet (Twitter app on mac) in the Timeline and press 'Copy Link To Tweet')

Turns into this:

Fork wrote:
Beefy if you are getting those screencaps from Twitter

There is a live thread from bleacherreport during the game. They post various stuff and have almost immediate coverage just after it happens. The problem is, the thread disappears the moment the game ends. I was still sleeping when the Niners game ended and 1/2 way through the Broncos game when I woke up. As a last resort, I head over to their twitter page and screencap/mspaint it in order to upload to the Twelve forums.

but thanks for the heads up, I will do this in the future
Yea i jumped on the NFL website for the last 2 mins. fucken gg, the bolts scored 17 in the last quarter but

Will be good to see another Payton v Brady game. NE's D and run/play-action game was unreal yesterday, few silly mistakes that need to be ironed out, but should be good next week. I would like to see Manning get another superbowl, however, I like Brady and NE more.

49'ers V Seahawks, dame what a match up, disappointed this game is on a monday(well both games are on monday) and I have to work
These are the most profound things I have read about today's NFL. Taken from Ask Vic

Question 1
Back when Marshawn Lynch was a free agent and the Packers badly needed a RB, many fans were appalled when we didn't pick him up. Had we taken him, how would that have affected us currently, in regard to the cap?

Lynch was an $8.5 million cap hit in 2013. That's a big number for which the Packers would've had to find room. The Seahawks can house it because Russell Wilson was a $681,000 cap hit in '13. The Packers, obviously, wouldn't have maneuvered to draft Eddie Lacy, if they had Lynch. Pick. You can't have both. Lacy is nearly an $8 million cap savings over Lynch.
Question 2
OK, that's it, I can't take it anymore. After reading your statement about Belichick being the best of all time at getting the most out of the talent available to him, I must stand up and say something. Do you realize what team you are writing for? The idea that you would try and pass off this opinion of yours to Packers fans, knowing the history of our team, is almost insulting. Look, I have no doubt you will smugly stand by your opinion, but please allow me to disagree, and there are 11 Packers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame that will disagree as well. I've read your opinions about Lombardi, that he never would have had the same success with the Redskins. Allow me to inform you that no one developed talent, before or since, as well as Lombardi. No one put his players in a position to be successful, before or since, as well as Lombardi. Not Belichick, not Walsh and for darn sure not Chuck Noll. Lombardi's legend is completely based upon the fact that he got the absolute most out his players. There are 11 players in the Hall of Fame that played for him. And with the exception of Ringo, Gregg and Nitschke, none of them would be in there had they played for anyone else, including Bart Starr. Can you say Tom Brady only had success because he played for Belichick?

Thank you for making my point for me. How many Patriots players during Bill Belichick's time as the team's coach will make it into the Hall of Fame? Two, Tom Brady and probably Ty Law. Vince Lombardi assembled a team of great players and then coached it to unparalleled success. You could do that in those days because there was no salary cap or free agency to rob you of your players. Belichick needed a running back and he went out and got Antowain Smith, and then Corey Dillon, and then BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and then LeGarrette Blount. He's won with a variety of receivers, from Troy Brown to Randy Moss, David Givens to Reche Caldwell, Deion Branch to Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker to Julian Edelman. He's won with Richard Seymour at defensive tackle, and then with Vince Wilfork at tackle. Belichick has won with Law at cornerback, and even with Troy Brown at cornerback. He used Mike Vrabel as a linebacker, and as a touchdown-catching tight end. He won with Adam Vinatieri as his kicker, and now with Stephen Gostkowski as his kicker. I have never known a coach to more fully access and utilize the talent available to him than Belichick has, and his ability to be flexible with personnel is more than amazing. He won a Super Bowl with Branch as a star, traded him to Seattle for a first-round pick, and then re-acquired Branch a few years later for a fourth-round pick. It's a different game than the one Lombardi coached. This isn't pick and stick. This is a game of replacement, and Belichick is the master of it.
lol at the first question, how could you afford the highest paid person in the NFL (being Rogers) plus a top line RB, cuts have to be made somewhere, that's where good talent scouts come in.
That's exactly the point, you can't have everything, watching draft day is exciting but it doesn't mean anything till the pads go on.

Remember, everyone has good players and the teams can't pay for everyone. Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles are the best rbs in the NFL, neither are still in the hunt for a Championship. Look who still is: Brady, Manning, Russell Wilson, Colin Kapernick. You have to have The Man if you want to win a Championship.
49ers v Seatle is on right now. Almost the end of the 1st quarter, no real clear winner. I'm prolly going for Frisco.

Edit: its a repeat, thought I was going crazy for a bit there.
Seahawks by 3
Fork and I shall be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow night after work. I shall be avoiding Reddit, Twitter and Facebook until after that time.

I'm going to go for the Seahawks as bird teams seem to have done pretty well in the past games I've watched.
I wanna see Payton shred the defense proving that having "the Man" who can make all the throws is the way to go! Go Broncos!! (my guess Broncos by 6)
I would like the Seahawks to win, however, I think Payton deserves another Ring, basically for the record books and the future Hall of Fame.

Unsure if I can watch it on TV today but, would like to but I got irl shit to do, might just watch it tonight with no ads.
Spoon wrote:
Fork and I shall be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow night after work. I shall be avoiding Reddit, Twitter and Facebook until after that time.

And this thread.

I'm up, watching all the pre-game stuff, how we got here and all that. I'll be on mumble if anyone wants to watch it with me.
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