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Everquest Next is the poorly titled next game in the Ecerquest series.

What should interest you in this game is it's targeting roleplayers and serious fantasy gamers who want a giant sandbox where their actions shape the world. Some bold stuff in there but all adlibbed from dev quotes.

We know next to nothing about it even though it's almost complete. In August we will get to see it for the first time as Sony unveils it.

It won's best in show award for this years E3 although they can't tell us why as they were shown it behind closed doors and sworn to secrecy: … e=0&ismb=1

This whole thing reeks of hype machine and marketing but it's got my attention purely because of its heritage and what it's (saying) trying to do.

Report back in August for discussion!

PC Gamer quoting CEO of Sony Online Entertainment on EQNext in October last year:

“Everybody has been making the same game since Everquest, really,” says Smedley. “If you look back, Ultima Online was out before us and really, all the current crop of MMOs are a lot like Everquest – they’re in that style. They’re great because the quality level has really improved, but nobody has really changed the game. the previous designs we had for the next Everquest were cookie-cutter, they were ‘me too’. We had some great, innovative things in there and they’d have been great games in themselves, but they wouldn’t have been enough to keep an audience. We’ve had people playing Everquest for 13 years and we kept that in our mind as the main goal when making Everquest Next.”

Bold words! But, in any case, the game seems to have gone down well with SOE staff at its internal unveiling.

“I was really nervous about [showing SOE staff the game],” says Smedley. “We showed it to them on Monday, and I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night because I was scared. We’ve thrown out two previous designs of the game to go with something pretty crazy and… well, it’s awesome. When the team saw it I could barely breathe when they were watching it. But when I’d finished they were clapping and cheering – and these guys are gamers, so they’re not afraid to call bullshit when they see us make a mistake. It’s happened before. We’ve made mistakes, and the guys internally will call us on it every time. But they loved this, and we really felt vindicated that the way we’re going with Everquest Next is the right way. I feel good about it. We’re not trying to make WOW2 or Everquest 2.5 – we’re making something that we think will define the next generation of MMOs.”
I thin this game is gonna be pretty big... If they can pull off half the jazz they're getting boners over in that video.

The face emote system is pretty fcking joy... The combat seems good. The no fixed class and horizontal progression, all good things too!
Still too early to make a sound judgement on the game. Will wait for more screens, videos, and developer interviews.

Everquest was huge and pretty great but I've learned never to get hyped behind a brand name after Diablo 3.
Makes me wonder what happens to the backers in a situation like this. Do they have the power to sue to get money back from assets or do other creditors take all the remaining money?

Say you paid for a founder pack $100. Where does that money go now? It's unreal to think you don't get anything in return.
Yeh, so the backers were "buying" that sandbox program. You could argue that it was what the $100 was for.
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