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Pretty scary premise, and I found the video to be quite exciting even though it didn't show us anything at all.

Gameplay video looks very sexy. HUD and map are very swish, and damn the combat looks wicked!

And here's some photos for those that hate videos.
that gameplay looks pretty sweet. the whole POV is a good change to including the HUD
That game looks amazing! Want!
This does look quite cool. I watched the gameplay thing first so I had no idea what it was even about until I saw the 'online open world RPG' part at the end. The trailer explaining the story was quite cool too.

Certainly seems like one to keep in mind as the release comes nearer.
This look amazing. It seems like a multiplayer zombie type game but with tactical elements and pvp? Since you run into other players? Interesting concept, I would definitely try this. Gotta rep for girl gamers yo.

I noticed that thing with the car too, very slick.
I just like that it's less about gogogo and more about planning a fight and teamwork. We need more teamwork games out there. BL2 is almost there but still doesn't promote much. Even CoD and such are just like gungho shoot everything and give no shits about anybody but yourself and maybe 1 friend.
Yeah that's what I really liked about it too Rets. Hopefully there's serious penalties for death too - ie lose your shit or take an exp hit or something - as that promotes planning and strategy over rushing and zergrushing content. It looks like a super amped DayZ which I love the premise of but could never get to work properly.

Also the "Oh Manhattan looks cool, let's go there tomorrow" and "Ooo a sewer, should we check it out or come back later?" discussions seemed organic and would be something said when playing with mates. Except Spoon would usually have already run a block ahead alone then called us all idiots for breaking up from the rest of the team.. :P
What I would like to see regarding deaths is xp loss for mobs and tokens for beating other teams with no xp loss for death. I would also like to have races between teams in a missions with bonus something for winning
This looks like it could be very awesome. This is the first title to get me excited for next gen consoles, or getting a decent PC, however it works out I think it's win/win.
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