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Zombies, Run! is an immersive running game. Players act as the character Runner 5 through a series of missions, during which they run and listen to various audio narrations to uncover the story.

While running, the player collects supplies such as ammunition, medicine and batteries which they can use to build and expand their base. The app can record the distance, time, pace, and calories burned on each mission through the use of the phone's GPS or accelerometer.

When using the GPS feature, the user can also opt to participate in a zombie chase which requires the player to run faster for a short period of time or be caught by zombies and losing their supplies, or even failing the mission.

This looks like a really fucking cool idea. It seems to basically be RunKeeper + Zombies to push you harder and make it more fun with a storyline and stuff.

The 5k app is probably better for me since I'm a noob runner and I'm pretty keen to try it out. Hopefully it doesn't penalise you too much if you gotta cut a workout short (ie if my shins/feet start playing up) but I hope to try it out soon.
That seems like a really cool concept but from that video the execution doesn't look that great.

The fact that it works on treadmills is quite good also.
Yeah i'm interested how well it works with treadmills, hopefully it doesn't lose many features.

Would be awesome to run around in the wild too. Drive to a lake on the weekend to escape some zombies and shit, real world zombie apocalypse training!
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